Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Lush Jelly On a Plate

The one product, I genuinely never thought I would fall in love with from Lush is their shower jelly's; I'm not a fan of jelly like products or balms, or generally things you re-use (don't even get me started on the etiquette fails I feel watching people share cutlery or straws!). When I saw the Needles & Pines Shower jelly last year, I picked up a tub, unsure whether I would like it but I was hooked on the smell. I've used it again and again, and soon starting loving the product more and more. You get so many uses out of these jellies, and the price is well worth the length I've kept my jellies. 

Then I was reading one day, you should store the shower jelly's in the fridge (I clearly do not read packaging properly!) and started looking up other shower jelly's I might like to try. 

After a lot of scent testing, and product research, these three are my favourites. Recently, since working out in the mornings, I've been leaning towards showers a lot more, and these are brilliant to 
  1. Needles & Pines ; all year round Christmas cabin loving. 
  2. Whoosh ; citrus fresh heaven. 
  3. 93,000 Miles; cinnamon heat, with a reviving zing. 
 On top of the gorgeous scents, I love the colours ... I wish I could keep them on my Kate Spade dish all the time! 

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