Saturday, 3 September 2016

Teaching Goals 16-17

I passed my NQT year last year, and now I'm into my second year of teaching. I don't have any targets as of yet to meet for my performance management, but aside of that, I thought it'd be nice to set some personal goals for myself this year, that I'm hoping to achieve.

  1. Keep a Diary; to document successes, feelings and moments throughout the year. There'll be more coming up in my first entry regarding why I want this to be a goal! 
  2. Socialise ; I have a good social life with my friends & some teacher pals from previous and current schools - what I want to work on this year is my online presence. Whether it be joining in with Twitter chats, following other teacher blogs (please leave links as I literally feel like I'm searching for a needle in a haystack looking for teacher blogs in the UK sometimes!), going to conferences & CPD events or commenting on Instagram ideas & Facebook groups, I want to communicate and collaborate with other teachers! I get so many brilliant ideas from other teachers, and have gained so many quality ideas browsing & using the internet for teaching past browsing Pinterest! 
  3. Blog often ; I've had my personal blog for 6 years, and have wanted an education blog for 3 years, started two that I didn't get past one post on, and finally actually feel comfortable writing on this site, and enjoy sharing my ideas whether it be little five minute 'hey this is an activity that worked' post to longer writing pieces such as this. I even went to a blogging class, with the sole intention of starting this blog, and then delayed for a year! This year I have more time to write and spend blogging, so I'm trying to discipline myself and get posts up and be online each week to share and gather ideas and inspiration from others! Another mini goal to this is to buy a url for this blog! 
  4. Do not hoard ; a simple goal - to love and let go throughout the year so next summer, I do not have to have a mass 'chucking out' session. Simple! 
  5. Achieve a work life balance from the beginning ; last year, September - December were spent working from 7am - 6pm, then taking work home with me. By December I made myself ill, and nearly was ill over Christmas (as you'll soon learn my absolute favourite time of year!). Then in January, I found out I had to move out of my rented property so had to spend January finding a new home, packing boxes & moving out and I was leaving work at 3:30-4pm a lot of days, taking absolutely nothing home and I realised that my workload did not increase and the classroom didn't combust! In reality, it actually made the hours I was at work more useful, and I felt more motivated. Once I'd moved in February, I adopted the same approach and rarely stayed past 4:30-5pm (minus staff meeting night) and honestly, nothing changed or went wrong and it made me realise how crazy I was for allowing myself to drain my energy back in September/October. We can't do it all, and prioritising during the day and spending a manageable amount of time works a million times better. I start in a new school this September, and I have set in my diary a time of when I leave for work, and come home (with it varying on specific days) so I'm hoping I can stick to it, if not beat it and get home a little earlier! To help with this, I've booked lots of events and nights out to the theatre, or meeting friends/family so it gives me things to look forward to and actually be able to switch off from work in the evenings. 
  6. Take CPD & Extra Courses ; in my tabs on my Mac, I already have saved some courses I'd like to take as distance learning courses off of my own back. I also want to look into starting a Masters at some point, and get the ball rolling this year with that. Alongside this, any CPD my workplace offer, and actually document and reflect on it! 
  7. Talk for Writing as many stories as possible ; last year I had a short stint of motivation for Talk for Writing, then gave up for the majority of the year. This summer, whilst preparing for this coming year, I realised how many missed opportunities I had for Talk for Writing as I saw it as 'I should make a story map for a key text' - nooooooooooooooooo! I missed so many opportunities learning wise, by not using a T4W model, and could've easily made a story map for some short stories that my class loved. My goal is to have a Talk for Writing text hanging on a washing line in my class every week!  
  8. Celebrate successes ; no matter how small or big, with a glass of wine! 
  9. Quit doubting myself ; there is a reason why you get accepted onto a teacher training course, get your first position, pass your nqt year and beyond ... it's because you can actually do it! Self doubt needs to be crossed out (or rubbed out... who knows?!) 
  10. Have fun! Last year, I had so many enjoyable moments with my class. This year I want to keep the fun & energy up, but this time document it! 
What are your teaching goals for this year? 
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