Monday, 31 October 2016

Frankie & Benny's Luton Airport

Before flying to Prague, when arriving at the airport, it was a given we needed an evening meal so opted for Frankie & Benny's. I wasn't sure what to expect having never been to Luton before, and being an airport branch, I wasn't sure whether it'd be less/more expensive, and the variety of food and more importantly cocktails on offer. Luckily there was a huge menu to pick from (I'm sure it's not the full one as I was looking for some bits on the menu that weren't on the Luton one) with lots of choice, and the same for cocktails too. I opted for a PS I Love You cocktail; bacardi, disarrano, cream & a heart made from Baileys. For my food, I had the Boston 7 Pizza, which has a BBQ base (my fav) & so many toppings (I was literally baffled by the fact there was more topping than pizza dough!) - red peppers (a new try, which I liked, so was rather pleased with myself for trying new foods after being notoriously fussy, especially with vegetables years ago!) chicken, meatballs, pepperoni, red onions and ham. The food was delicious, the bill was low and the service fantastic. If I fly from Luton again, I'll definitely be going back!

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Prague Souvenirs

Today's post is a mini post, with a little selection of the souvenirs I brought back from Prague. For Prague, I really didn't want to spend tons of money (unlike my Disneyland Paris souvenir spend!) so took for food, drinks and souvenirs £200 spending money, which amounted to 5800 Czech Koruna. I also had 20 euros leftover from another trip, so packed it for any airport spending I might fancy. In Prague everything is so cheap, and the general rule is the centre is more expensive and as you go further out it gets cheaper and cheaper... I found even in the town centre it wasn't that expensive compared to other European cities. 

Anyway back to my little spends, I brought the polar bear from Prague Zoo (if you've been following Instagram, I'm now obsessed with polar bears since seeing them swimming and chilling in the zoo!). My other souvenirs included my photobooth strips which were 70 koruna each, and I also brought some purple earrings (not pictured) from a seller on the Charles Bridge. 

At the airport on the way back, we had some leftover koruna and euros so I spent 12 euros on the this bottle of Absinth (they had loads of colours, sizes and varieties for cheap!) and the bag of Kinder for 199 koruna. 

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Prague Highlights

If you follow me over on Instagram you may have noticed earlier this week I adventured out to Prague for a mini break! It was an absolutely fantastic few days exploring somewhere new and over the next few weeks I'll be sharing posts about particular tourist spots, cocktail bars, and instalment of the Photobooth project is also to come, alongside meal reviews & where I stayed.

I thought I'd share a little mini list though of my favourite moments from the past week;
♥ Reading Bridget Jones Diary for the first time (it's been sitting on my bookshelf for ages now!) and reading the 'Let's go to Prague' page.
♥ Seeing Polar Bears at Prague Zoo and being in awe of them, then buying a mini polar bear teddy to bring home!
♥ Try tredelnik and it being delicious.
♥ Drinking many, many cocktails.
♥ Eating at Hooters in Prague, and making many references to the film 'Big Daddy'
♥ Finding Stylist magazine to read on the train to the airport.
♥ Listening to music in Prague town square.
♥ Apple strudel for breakfast!
♥ Walking around Prague and smashing my steps on my Fitbit count!
♥ All the orange, red and yellow autumn vibes.
♥ Red roofs everywhere.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Sale Picks & 40% off at The Body Shop

The Body Shop has got some serious deals on at the moment, and in the run up to Christmas having a discount code of 40% off is one way to stock up on some bargains before the Black Friday/ Xmas sale shopping rush! The 40% off code also works on sale items, some sale picks are actually 50% off too! As I had already stocked up on toiletries, I didn't need any shower gels, bubble baths or soap bits, or gifts for Christmas. I did opt however to stock up on skincare, and as I am currently nearly at the end of getting rid of all spots and skin tags which was a big new years resolution this year, one which I honestly thought required cosmetic surgery to remove, and the way I achieved it was Tea Tree Oil. So I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try some tea tree themed skincare from The Body Shop. I opted for a foam cleanser, and tea tree make up wipes - I currently use Botanics Foam Cleanser, and No7 face wipes, then use tea tree oil pure to dab my face - my skin tags have actually gone from my face, but I figured it would be worth a go trialling these to see if they help prevent them coming back. I also picked up a BB Cream with tea tree in, which I thought would give my skin a break from foundation for work daily, and maybe treat my skin in the mean time. Last I picked one of my favourites, the gel eye mask - for headaches, colds etc I keep this in the fridge all the time and love wearing it to cool off and relax! 
Use code 14672 to get 40% off (and if you have cash back accounts like Quidco, you could get cash back too!) 

Six Day Series at the Lee Valley Velodrome #sixdaylondon

Last night I went to the opening of the Six Day London and Europe Six Day Series competition.  When we booked the tickets, we were booking as very casual cycling watchers ... only ever watching the cycling at the Olympics and rarely the Tour de France. Thinking about it, I've never been to watch a sport live, so this was something very new for me (and my family!)

There was a variety of events which teams took part in including the Madison, time trials, team elimination, derny race and the longest lap. Before each event there was an introduction to the event from Sir Chris Hoy which made it so much easier for amateurs like me to understand what was going on! My favourite to watch was the team elimination, which I remember enjoying watching during the olympics. I also loved the craziness of the longest lap which I suggest you search on Youtube!

There were loads of competitors, and many British teams; Matthew & Thomas Rotherham (sprinters), Ollie Wood & Jon Dibben, Andy Tennant & Chris Latham and Sir Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish. The crowd were cheering the British teams on alongside other teams too, and a lot of the competitors across all the countries were so good at getting the crowd cheering them on!

Tickets to the event varied in price across the days... our tickets were £15 for adults, and £7 for my sister which I think is an absolute bargain to see such a brilliant sport. I am in a way, absolutely gutted I can't go again this week as I'll be in Prague tonight for the rest of the series, but next year I'll be quick to book a couple of nights, especially the Sunday finale!

Head over to Six Day series to find out more information, and I would thoroughly recommend Cycling Weekly's Article for everything you need to know which includes a full list of competitors across the 6 days with events, and european live times.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

24 Advent Calendars for 2016

Photo: The White Company US 

This year I am super organised for Christmas; some presents are wrapped, Christmas cards, extra wrapping and decor ordered, my Disney decoration picks delivered. 'd ordered my class advent calendar. Last on my list was organising my advent calendar ... for the past couple of years I've wanted more than just a chocolate calendar (which fyi I always have to have, whether its got a boyband like Blue on it or Disney themed!) but never got around to getting one. Well this year, I had my eyes set on a particular calendar, then changed my mind to another, then ended up with a completely different one (spoiler; the very last calendar on this guide!). I had in mind to do a little advent round up in late November, but as people like me are getting their calendars, and some are selling out, like the one I've picked, I thought I'd get this post out a tad early for extra festive inspiration because y'know Christmas is only 63 days away, so December the 1st is 40 days away! 

Photo: Charlotte Tilbury 
Originally number one on my advent list was Charlotte Tilbury's World of Legendary Parties Advent Calendar ; £150 for lots of gorgeous beauty picks behind 12 doors. In there is a mixture of full sizes and minis, including an exclusive Pocket Pout in Jessica Red, which I think is the perfect festive colour. The only reason I haven't opted for this calendar is that I'm shopping in London at the beginning of December and on my 'to buy' list is a massive Charlotte Tilbury haul at the Covent Garden store, which includes lots of the items featured in the calendar such as Legendary Lashes mascara and Magic Cream! 
Available now on the Charlotte Tilbury Website 

Photo: Cosmopolitan
Second on my list for the pure beauty of the outside is the Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar ; if only I could see the Liberty building in the snow irl! The calendar has 25 Liberty print doors, 13 of which contain full sized products, and overall £500 worth of beauty for £165 including brands such as NARS and Diptyque.
Available from Liberty London on 26th October 2016.

Photo: Very

The Disney Mickey and Friends Calendar is a cute DIY fill your own calendar. Originally £17.99 and now only £9.99 an absolute bargain which can be used year in, year out. This is the calendar I ordered a few weeks back for my classroom. 
Available now at Very. 
Photo: Boots
The Estee Lauder Holiday Countdown is one impressive calendar featuring a wide range of Estee Lauder classics, alongside new products such as the Revitalizing Supreme + Creme , Modern Muse and the Le Rouge edition and Colour Envy Lipstick. An impressive line up of products with 24 doors to keep you going until Christmas morning, but with a hefty price tag of £205 ... think of all the Boots points you'd get though! 

Available now at 

Photo : Boots
Another brand I love is Clarins, and looking at the contents of this calendar makes me realise how wide a range Clarins has, and that I should try more than just the bath products and my fave beauty flash balm! This calendar is £95 (again earning you tres Boots points!) and has everything from skincare to make up in! 
Available now at Boots (the website says sold out though boo!) or in stock on the Clarins website here.

Photo: Selfridges 

On my advent researching, I was mega impressed by the fact that Clarins not only had a beauty version, but a skincare themed calendar for the men in your life. This set is exclusive to Selfridges and includes everything from eye serum to shampoo to aftershave soother.

Photo : Yankee Candle
Christmas time = ensuring that the Yankee Candle Xmas scents are out in full swing early November in my house & my family's house. My favourite is Christmas Cookie or Icicles, cinnamon is my family's favourite and any other festive scent from Yankee Candle never disappoints! If candles are your jam, Yankee Candle have two festive advents to pick from; the Holiday Party Advent for £24.99   or the Party Pavillion Advent Calendar for £29.99
Both available now on Yankee Candle Website. 
Photo : Boots 
NYX launched in Boots earlier this year, and I remember walking into the Bluewater store and being shocked at how busy and half empty the shops looked weeks after the launch! I've only ever tried a palette from NYX! This set includes 12 mini soft lip creams and 12 new eyeshadows for £60. 
Available now at 

Photo : Boots 
Bare Minerals are offering their Countdown to Gorgeous calendar, including a wide variety of make up products from 6 lip glosses (I love love love that purple shade!), mascaras and finishing powders all for £75. 
Available at Boots. 

Photo: Boots 
Definitely one of the best prices in this list is the Sanctuary Let Go Days of Christmas Advent Calendar (available here) priced at a steal of £25 and on 3 for 2 at Boots. This set includes a range of favourites such as body washes, scrubs, that salt scrub and includes pampering extras like the eye mask, nail file and a heart cookie cutter. 
Available at & instore. 

Photo: Boots 

A huge part of Christmas involves shopping at Boots (#sorrynotsorry) ... the Jack Wills calendar is another absolute bargain at £35 and again on 3 for 2. The product sizes are generally 25ml and range from body washes, scrubs and lotions, and also include 2 polishes in pink & grey. 

Photo : Biscuiteers 

One place I've been itching to try for ages is Biscuiteers. They have beautifully decorated biscuits fit for every occasion, and they aren't missing the mark for Christmas! Susie Watson has designed a cloth advent calendar for Christmas, and you can buy the cloth alone or with biscuits in for £95.  
Available now here at Biscuiteers website.

Photo :  Lily's Kitchen 
Cece's favourite ; Lily's Kitchen! A firm favourite every year in my house for Cece. I love the design of this years calendar, and also that the treats include the one on the 24th being a calming bedtime treat! For £9.95 it is a splurge for your pet, however Cece looks forward to mornings every day in December because of this calendar (and she is queen of staying under the duvet in the mornings!) 

Photo : Not on the Highstreet 

 Fortune Cookies - a completely different way to countdown to Christmas. These aren't just your plain boring fortune cookies, flavours include gingerbread, chocolate orange, apple pie, cinnamon, vanilla bean and cocoa, vanilla bean & sea salt. With fortunes including 'your girlfriend will take you for a cheeky nandos of your choice' ... this set is a winner!
£44.99 from Cracking Cookies on Not on the Highstreet

Photo : John Lewis
24 Days of Christmas Spirit ... yes pur-lease! Behind 24 doors are 24 mini alcoholic treats to enjoy from rhubarb, marmalade or smoke vodkas, elderflower, blackcurrant or raspberry liqueurs, or different flavoured gins all in 50ml bottles ... no singles here! 

Photo : Jo Malone 
Last year I remember loving the Jo Malone Christmas range, this year I feel like I am in love with this calendar. I love Jo Malone scents, and this would be the perfect way to test the range from Jo Malone from scents to creams it has it all, but for a whopping £280 it requires a splurge or saving ... the calendar launches tomorrow (not that long to save!)
Available on the Jo Malone website from the 24th October 2016. 

Photo : Cosmopolitan
Feel Unique is home to tonnes of brilliant brands. From being a subscriber to beauty boxes and receiving lots of featured brands in them and loving them like Percy & Reed, to long term favourites like Rimmel, for £30 there will be something to love for everyone. 
This is currently not on the the Feel Unique website but is coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Photo: Kiehls 
Kiehls is a brand I know is fantastic, but rarely try, so again another calendar I wish I had the £95 to spend to try! This calendar is full of 24 minis, ranging from skincare to oils... I love the quirky retro design ... and I am the sort of person to buy something outrageously priced for just the packaging and not what's inside! 
Available now at Selfridges. 

Photo: Boots 
The No7 beauty calendar is a sought after advent calendar every year. Proof of that - upon writing this blog post, 77534 people had signed up to receive the on sale notification for this year's Bright Lights Big City calendar... that's a lot. For £39 you get £150's worth of products include 6 full sized products! 
The official on sale date is the 26th October at ... I'd recommend signing up though to get alerts on when its for sale. 

photo: Look Fantastic 
Another fantastic value calendar for product value inside is the Decleor calendar - £180 worth of products for £60! And just look at the gorgeous exterior! 

Photo: Selfridges 
If I had £250 spare (let's be honest ... as we get through this guide, I think we could all do with a spare couple of thousand to spend on advent calendars alone!) I'd be into the idea of spending it on home fragrance, candles and infused face waters from Diptyque in advent form. 24 doors beautifully presented with a variety of fragrances to choose from. 

Photo: L'Occitane 
The L'Occitane Christmas Beauty Advent has to be one of my favourite designs this Christmas ... the boxes for me from that shop are always beautiful designs and like I said earlier, I'd happily hoard packaging if I had the money/space to! This calendar comes with 24 beauty products, ranging from a variety of the scents. My favourites included in this calendar include the Cherry Blossom Shower gel, anything Almond and the Verbena soap and shower gel. You also get £80 worth of products for £42. 
photo: Cowshed
When I saw this calendar, it gave me instant #wreathgoals and on top of my current ideas for festive floristry, I now have another goal to re-create that wreath! The packaging across the whole Cowshed range this year is divine (I'm 100% buying the cracker!) so if you love Cowshed, get this calendar for the pure beauty of this calendar matched with the 24 miniatures you get inside from bubble bath, body lotion and bath salts. 
Photo : Boots 
Finally, the advent calendar I opted for; Your Beauty Fairytale Come True. My Mother brought this calendar to my attention after discussing my love for mini perfumes, and discussing products I wanted to try, and it contains so many favourites of mine from Lancome alongside fragrances from Yves Saint Laurent and Ralph Lauren that I want to try. This calendar retails at £85 exclusively at Boots. It is available now, online but is selling out in stores (it has in my local store!). 

As it turns out, I've got my beauty calendar, Disney for my class and Cece's Lily's Kitchen calendar - I've already totalled 3 calendars this year (whoops!). Obviously there is still good old chocolate to go for too! 
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