Saturday, 15 October 2016

Inside Vogue by Alexandra Shulman

For about twelve years now / as long as I can remember I have loved Vogue. I love everything about the magazine, from the stunning covers, to the creative, daring editorials. I still have Vogue covers and clippings from years back and every now and again I'll dig out my boxes and browse all of the shoots and words that have shaped and inspired me throughout the years.

When I saw on Career Girl Daily, that there was a Vogue documentary, I went straight online to download and watch the documentary following the centenary of Vogue. I was so encapsulated by Alexandra Shulman, her mannerisms and personality, as soon as I saw her book advertised I clicked pre-order, and when it dropped through my letterbox I was engrossed in her words.

This book is a diary of her year leading up the Vogue festival and centenary issue. The words were honest and refreshing, and even though I am never going to be the editor of Vogue, I could relate on so many levels to some of her thoughts and feelings. My favourite parts were reading the trivial things, which make us all human.

If you love fashion & Vogue, this is the book for you.

p.s. also, this happened when I posted on Instagram loving the book, and wishing Alexandra a happy birthday as I finished the book on that day... 

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