Sunday, 30 October 2016

Prague Souvenirs

Today's post is a mini post, with a little selection of the souvenirs I brought back from Prague. For Prague, I really didn't want to spend tons of money (unlike my Disneyland Paris souvenir spend!) so took for food, drinks and souvenirs £200 spending money, which amounted to 5800 Czech Koruna. I also had 20 euros leftover from another trip, so packed it for any airport spending I might fancy. In Prague everything is so cheap, and the general rule is the centre is more expensive and as you go further out it gets cheaper and cheaper... I found even in the town centre it wasn't that expensive compared to other European cities. 

Anyway back to my little spends, I brought the polar bear from Prague Zoo (if you've been following Instagram, I'm now obsessed with polar bears since seeing them swimming and chilling in the zoo!). My other souvenirs included my photobooth strips which were 70 koruna each, and I also brought some purple earrings (not pictured) from a seller on the Charles Bridge. 

At the airport on the way back, we had some leftover koruna and euros so I spent 12 euros on the this bottle of Absinth (they had loads of colours, sizes and varieties for cheap!) and the bag of Kinder for 199 koruna. 
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