Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Six Day Series at the Lee Valley Velodrome #sixdaylondon

Last night I went to the opening of the Six Day London and Europe Six Day Series competition.  When we booked the tickets, we were booking as very casual cycling watchers ... only ever watching the cycling at the Olympics and rarely the Tour de France. Thinking about it, I've never been to watch a sport live, so this was something very new for me (and my family!)

There was a variety of events which teams took part in including the Madison, time trials, team elimination, derny race and the longest lap. Before each event there was an introduction to the event from Sir Chris Hoy which made it so much easier for amateurs like me to understand what was going on! My favourite to watch was the team elimination, which I remember enjoying watching during the olympics. I also loved the craziness of the longest lap which I suggest you search on Youtube!

There were loads of competitors, and many British teams; Matthew & Thomas Rotherham (sprinters), Ollie Wood & Jon Dibben, Andy Tennant & Chris Latham and Sir Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish. The crowd were cheering the British teams on alongside other teams too, and a lot of the competitors across all the countries were so good at getting the crowd cheering them on!

Tickets to the event varied in price across the days... our tickets were £15 for adults, and £7 for my sister which I think is an absolute bargain to see such a brilliant sport. I am in a way, absolutely gutted I can't go again this week as I'll be in Prague tonight for the rest of the series, but next year I'll be quick to book a couple of nights, especially the Sunday finale!

Head over to Six Day series to find out more information, and I would thoroughly recommend Cycling Weekly's Article for everything you need to know which includes a full list of competitors across the 6 days with events, and european live times.
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