Monday, 17 October 2016

Two Months Making Extra Money Using TES Resources

On August 1st, I started selling my resources using TES Resources over on my shop here. I thought after making my first sale on Day 2, that I'd keep a diary of how sales, set up and ease of use were going, as an insight to teachers, teaching assistants and education resource enthusiasts at the ease and usefulness of selling resources and whether it was really worth it.

Week 1; 10 resources listed at first moving to Bronze membership. Sales total - £1.40
My first sale was my KS1 Maths Homework Resource Bundle, made in my first term as an NQT for my whole Year 1 group. My first goal is to go through my USB stick and upload as many resources as I can find for my shop, and organise / clear out old files.

Week 2 & 3; 11 resources listed in total.
Sales total - £5.60 
I've spent the last few weeks enjoying my summer holiday a tad too much, that I'd "forgotten" about my goal of uploading to TES ... however I thought at the same time, next year, if I upload on a week by week basis of what I'm doing, the shop will grow too. I did list a bundle of resources Roald Dahl themed, including my VCOP display, labels and punctuation pyramids. I sold one set of these, and I'm thinking in the run up to Roald Dahl these may be popular!

Week 3 - This week I've noticed a peak in views on my products, and my free downloadable NQT log template has been downloaded twice (not a lot I know, but both were downloaded on A Level Results day) which had me thinking, September & October will be prime time for downloads.

By October 24th I'd made £14
October 25th - I uploaded 5 new resources today as part of another TES incentive competition. These are resources I'd made throughout the term and am slowly uploading them to TES. Within a day, I'd made 2 new sales making my total up to £16.92!

Verdict So Far; 
I definitely think selling resources on TES is worth it - I love personalised work, and alongside selling, I've actually enjoyed discovering, buying & downloading different teachers work in the process.

Although I haven't made millions (*scoffs loudly at the thought of that EVER happening in any job I have!*) taking a few minutes to upload a file of work that was made for the pupils that would have otherwise sat on a USB stick hidden away in a folder somewhere is worth the pounds made. I'm looking forward to writing the next instalment of this diary which I'll publish in 6 weeks time, and judging whether sales have gone up during those first two terms of the school year alongside a new intake of teachers at universities.

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