Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Exploring Rochester

Rochester is literally one of the loveliest little towns to visit in Kent. The first time I went, I remember it being the quietest town high street back in 2006/7 ... so coming back ten years on, it has completely changed (for the good!). There's old fashioned sweet shops, restaurants, bars, coffee shops and independent boutiques, as well as a greengrocers (who has those anymore?!). There is also Rochester cathedral, and the grounds, where I have to go for training a lot, and the buildings are gorgeous if that is your cup of tea! 

If you are in town, the one place you have to visit is Bruno's. A friend recommended this cake shop to me, and honestly they serve the best cakes, desserts and coffee I have ever tasted in my entire life. The first desserts I ever tried here was the Peanut Butter Pie (do I need to say any more!) and a dark hot chocolate. A snack you have to try (which I've since fallen in love with) is the Peanut Butter brownies. I'm eyeing up Key Lime Cheesecake for next time / the whole menu!   

Your Beauty Fairytale Come True Advent Calendar

You may already know from my post 24 Advent Calendars for 2016 that my advent calendar for this year is the Your Beauty Fairytale Come True Advent Calendar. It contains some huge brands including Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent and Ralph Lauren. I've already had a mini sneak peek online at what's inside, and even though I already have a lot of Lancome make up, I'm itching to try some Yves Saint Laurent make up, and there are lots of favourites in there such as the Hypnose mascara and all the fragrances!
Over the coming month, I'll be opening the advent calendar over on Snapchat @wildflowerhq & Instagram stories @thewildflowerhq .

Monday, 28 November 2016

My First Ever NYX Haul

Does it make me a really out of date blogger to say that I have never tried NYX before? What's worse, is that I'd never heard of NYX until my mother told me that they were planning on launching in the store she works in ! My mini problem with make up is that I already have so much that generally I don't go browsing make up counters for products unless I'm after a particular item or limited edition release, or something I've read about on a blog. Well during a post blog event shop with some of my favourite ladies, we nipped into Boots and hit up the NYX counter. First off ... how cheap is NYX?! I was looking around and expecting it to cost a lot more than what it did! I ended up coming away with two lipsticks which I love ... the purple was a bit of an out there colour for me, but whenever I wear it I always get lots of complements, and it's not too in your face, and the pink colour is a really lovely neutral. The brow mascara I'm still getting used to, but to be honest I think I need an intensive course in how to style my eye brows before I start reviewing brow products! I also picked up a pencil eyeliner in jet black, because you can never have too many eyeliners!

Friday, 25 November 2016

Carnaby Street Christmas Lights

My favourite Christmas lights of the year (and it's only November!) are Carnaby Street's lights. The lights take inspiration from 'You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966-70 exhibition (y'know a title from one of the best Beatles songs ever) which is exhibiting at the V&A museum. The exhibition features Carnaby Street in the swinging sixties.  With lights saying 'Kiss', 'Peace', 'Love' and my favourite 'Rebel' they are dotted all along Carnaby Street and many of the side streets. These lights are definitely worth a visit this festive season. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Bridget Jones's Baby The Diaries

Amongst all my travels the previous weekend, being on trains and journeying a lot meant one thing - time to catch up on some reading. Whilst on the way to Prague, I saw Bridget Jones's Baby in the top charts in the airport WHSmiths, and soon had it ordered waiting for me upon arriving home. I found once I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down. I had already watched the film, and you could see many similarities and differences between the two. I actually 100% preferred the book to the film too. I love the tone of writing, and I honestly could read book upon book written in Bridget's voice. This is a definite must buy for Bridget lovers this Christmas - would make an easy present or book to put on your own wish list! 

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Children in Need Ramble

On Friday, my whole school went on a ramble inspired by Countryfile & Children in Need, around our local village for Children in Need. It was so lovely to mix up the lower key stage classes walking with the upper key stage classes and get out in the fresh air, and do something non curriculum and non Christmassy (which seems to have engulfed my schedule at the moment with the upcoming Nativity!).  It was such a bright day, and there were multicoloured autumnal leaves everywhere. We had a mix of onesies, superheros and bright yellow ears and sequinned Pudsey tops. And most importantly, it went to such a fantastic cause! 

Chicken n Waffles at Stax

My new favourite place to eat in London is this place hidden in Kingly Court on Carnaby Street called Stax Diner. Anywhere that has southern fried chicken on the menu paired with Mint Juleps (the best cocktail on this planet) is worth a visit. During the weekend's visit to London for a blog event, I added it to my list alongside visiting those Carnaby Christmas lights to come to Stax. Upon arrival it was packed, but we were placed on a waiting list and text when our table was ready, which was within 10 minutes. We were seated amongst the walls adorned with posters and tin can lights hanging from the ceiling. I ordered the Chicken and Waffles with a Graceland milkshake - peanut butter, banana, rum, vanilla and whipped cream - it was delicious, and you got hits of sweetness, chunks of banana and a strong taste of rum! I also tried some of the cajun fries which were hot but tasted so good. I need to come back and try one of their burgers along with a popcorn shrimp bucket! 

Saturday, 19 November 2016


Today was the day of another blogger event on the social calendar - #BloggersXmas hosted by Soeurs de Luxe. I heard of the event through a friend, and booked tickets months ago, but was excited to attend this event as last year I'd read reviews of the 2015 #BloggersXmas and it looked amazing (have a peek of last year's event on Soeurs de Luxe's blog here)

The event was held at Finch's Pub on Finsbury Square and the venue was brilliant - I loved the decor throughout, including the toilets (which is always a winner in my eyes). They laid on hot rum apple punch which was delicious, alongside food ranging from pizza, to proper festive sausage rolls and a veggie mash/cheese version (I obviously tested the lot!). 

One of the first brands we spoke to was Jewellery Box who I'd spoken to at 2 other blog events this year... their festive table was so gorgeous, and made me want to go home and re-decorate my dressing table with festive objects! Then we spotted Joe Browns and browsed the sparkly rails full of party wear... my eyes were on the burgundy fur shawl though which was just stunning! PNY Technologies had a Wheel of Fortune/ X Factor -esque wheel which you spun to win a prize... I won a selfie stick! In the goodie bags was a lens kit from PNY too, which included a fish eye lens (I've already got a fish eye lens for my phone ... they are amazing and 10x easier than buying a fish eye instant camera!) ... now I just need to get the gorgeous rose gold portable charger and I'll have a full PNY set! 

There was cheesecake galore from Sweet Cheesus and I literally wish I lived closer to a London stockist so I can get more of the goodness haha! We also spoke to Aromand who had gorgeously packaged candles and fragrances - Black Pepper and Berries was my favourite scent followed by Apple & Ginger pudding! 

I loved attending the event, and after yesterday I definitely felt in the festive spirit even more! Thank you to Soeurs de Luxe and everyone involved in making it a great event ... I had lots of fun! 

Friday, 18 November 2016

Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is a popular tourist attraction in Prague ; alongside Prague castle, and the clock tower, I'd say this is one of the busiest places to be in Prague, and a place where there is so much variety. Alongside views of Prague there is shopping, street performers, music and culture. The busiest spot of the bridge had to be by the Statue of St John Nepomuk which people believe brings good luck / means you will one day return to Prague. If I had a suitcase on this trip, I could've easily brought so many different pieces of artwork to bring home with me! I settled for a pair of purple arty earrings, which I keep wearing all the time now! 
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