Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Hooter's Prague

 Hands down the best meal we had in Prague was at Hooters. As soon as I realised, after logging onto our hotel wifi, checking google maps and Hooters popping up, that there was a Hooters in Prague, I was set that I would be visiting ... I love the film Big Daddy too much to pass up an opportunity!

 The whole interior was sports bar themed, and during our visit, Halloween was approaching, so the place was decked out with spooky decor. The meal came to 1027 czech koruna which in pounds is approximately £32, and this is what we got for our money; curly fries and steak cut fries, with an extra side of cheese sauce (I am so addicted to cheese sauce it's unreal!), cheese quesadillas, onion rings, fried jalepenos (which are just insanely good ... I need to know how to make these at home!), and BBQ chicken bites, washed down with two cocktails; a Caipirinha (one of my favourite sours cocktails) and a Jacked Up Rita, which involved tobasco sauce and was so spicy but so addictive at the same time, and a Pilsner. It was so much food and so cheap. I could actually fly back to Prague just to eat this meal again! Someone tell me Hooters in other cities is just as good?
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