Monday, 28 November 2016

My First Ever NYX Haul

Does it make me a really out of date blogger to say that I have never tried NYX before? What's worse, is that I'd never heard of NYX until my mother told me that they were planning on launching in the store she works in ! My mini problem with make up is that I already have so much that generally I don't go browsing make up counters for products unless I'm after a particular item or limited edition release, or something I've read about on a blog. Well during a post blog event shop with some of my favourite ladies, we nipped into Boots and hit up the NYX counter. First off ... how cheap is NYX?! I was looking around and expecting it to cost a lot more than what it did! I ended up coming away with two lipsticks which I love ... the purple was a bit of an out there colour for me, but whenever I wear it I always get lots of complements, and it's not too in your face, and the pink colour is a really lovely neutral. The brow mascara I'm still getting used to, but to be honest I think I need an intensive course in how to style my eye brows before I start reviewing brow products! I also picked up a pencil eyeliner in jet black, because you can never have too many eyeliners!
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