Thursday, 3 November 2016

Prague Zoo

My ultimate favourite tourist attraction in Prague has to be Prague Zoo. It was first on the to visit list so on our first morning, we walked from the hotel to the zoo getting lost several times, but it being completely worth it as we got to walk through a huge park, and see some lovely views of nature in Prague. On entering the zoo, which costs 200 koruna per person, which amounts to £6 each (absolute bargain) there were so many different twists and turns, and slopes to go up and down to visit different parts of the zoo. First on my list to see were the Polar Bears, and once I was there, I literally did not want to leave ... I think bears must be my favourite animal, as previous zoo visits, I've loved Red Pandas! I could've stayed watching the polar bears swimming for ages! Then we went off to visit the african animals, including the elephants, one of which was a few weeks old! Each enclosure was massive compared to England zoos. There were numerous viewing platforms, and chances to get up close to different animals... the rhinos tank was taller than me (not that it's hard to be taller than me really!)  The meercats were another favourite, as they scuttled around their enclosure running from one end to another. There were numerous cafes and stalls selling hot wine and beer. There was also a chair lift where you could sit in a seat a bit like if you were skiing and go from the bottom of the zoo near the entrance to the enclosure by the polar bears ... you needed coins to do this, which we didn't have! At the top of the lift, and along the zoo you can get fantastic view across Prague. I was so impressed by this zoo, and definitely want to go back and spend a whole day there instead of just a morning. 
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