Wednesday, 28 December 2016

17 Places for 2017

This year has been the year where I have really discovered my love of travel; I ticked off Edinburgh where I walked up Arthur's Seat in the snow (and then fell down it again!), Disneyland ParisPrague and more local to visits such as Margate and Great Missenden. The above photograph was taken on the way to Prague, and I remember feeling so lucky/amazed at how easy it is to travel to all these amazing places and to witness and see such amazing sights. Next year, I want to visit even more places, so I've made a goal of seventeen places for next year to tick off... 

1.  Iceland 
This is at the top of my to visit list this year, after about thirteen years of wanting to visit Iceland, mainly for the Northern Lights & the Blue Lagoon... this is my February birthday trip that's currently in the works!  

2.  Whitstable 
Whitstable is the one place that was on my to see list for years, then when I went, fell in love with. If I could, I would pack everything up and move there. Even though I've been before, I want to go again to tick one of my bucket list to do's off, and that is to try oysters there! 

3.  Oxford
An English town that I've never visited is Oxford, and it's one that I'm always supposed to see, then never get around to visiting. I definitely want to visit the universities, and have a trip along the river, but would love any other ideas for places to see in Oxford! 

4.  Cambridge 

Pretty much ditto for Cambridge what I said about Oxford! 

5.  Bristol 
A lot of my family live near Bristol, and whilst in Bath this year, I kept toying with the idea of going on to Bristol but never got around to it. I really want to see the hot air balloons, and visiting The Forge is top of my list (exposed bricks eat your heart out) alongside exploring the town. 

6.  Dublin 
I've wanted to visit Ireland, and mainly Dublin for as long as I can remember. Many of my friends have visited, and I have friends who live near Dublin, and all say it is a must visit. The colourful buildings, nightlife and Guiness are all calling! 

7.  Galway 
Galway is a place I always hear referenced in films (I'm looking at you P.S I Love You & Leap Year) and whenever I come across pins on Pinterest of Galway, it looks so lush! 

8.  Prague  
This year I fell in love with Prague. Everywhere I visited in Prague was fantastic, so much so on some days I went back to places! I want to go back to Prague again this year to re-visit the zoo (polar bears love), Battalion and the Rock Bar. New places I want to see are the Hemingway Bar, which was closed during our last visit, and I want to go out of the way to Velka Amerika which is a european version of the Grand Canyon. 

9.  New York 
One of the biggest wanderlust's on my bucket list is to visit America, and top of the America list is New York. I want to visit every tourist hotspot, especially going up the Empire State Building. And I definitely want to visit Kate Spade & Tiffany's. 

10.  Vegas 
Las Vegas is another one I feel everyone wants to do. I'm not the hugest gambler, but I would love to go to see all the lights, chapels and The Neon Museum. 

11.  Walt Disney World, Florida 
Holy cow, I need those Mickey Up Ears! Walt Disney World is one of the big holidays I know I need to do. One of my closest pals went this year, and sent me snaps constantly throughout, and videos of rides and seriously, after being in Disneyland Paris and loving every second, I know Walt Disney World is the next stop. The only thing with it, is the planning seriously overwhelms me as I do not have a clue where to start! 

12.  Oslo 
I can't decide whether I want to go to Norway to experience Hygge or to go and be adventurous ... or maybe I should aim for both! 

13.  Paris 

I've visited Paris numerous times throughout my life, and even this year for a Disneyland trip, but one place I really want to visit next year is the Louvre. 

14.  Provence 
After visiting Shoreham this year in Kent and falling head over heel for Lavender, the next step up surely is to go to the Lavender festival in Provence! 

15.  Llyn Y Fan Fach, Breacon Beacons National Park, Wales

Arthur's Seat was my spectacular view of 2016, and I want Llyn Y Fan Fach to be my 2017 one. 

16.   Cornwall 
I could make another list for Cornwall of places I'd love to visit ... Church Cove, St Michael's Mount ... everywhere! During the summer I'd like to go for at least a week down to Cornwall and just explore. 

17.  Algarve, Portugal 

I've never been to Portugal, and the Algarve is looking like the diamond blue sea perfect place to be. Benagil Cave looks amazing too. 

& that's it... not too ambitious (*scoffs*) but at least some I definitely know will happen, and there's a lot to aspire to! Where are you planning trips for in 2017? 

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