Monday, 26 December 2016

Christmas '16

When you stop trying to make Christmas 'perfect' it actually ends up being the best Christmas ever. From start to finish, this Christmas period has been really bloody good and here is a mini list of everything that made it so special. 

✷  Christmas cocktails (or not so Christmas cocktails too) - Lemon Drizzle Cheesecake Mixers, Purple Rain, Mint Juleps, Bloody Mary's (not for me that one!) Kir Royale & Bucks Fizz 
✷  Walking down to Abbey Ruins after dinner, and realising you can have a complete view of the London skyline 
✷  My whole family failing the 'no social media at Christmas rule' ... my Dad broke in the photo above by about 10am! 
✷  Christmas Jack Daniels ham! 
✷  Complimenting that, the turkey this year tasted amazing, alongside an Irish dish we had called colcannon. 
✷  The Northern light pine cones from Lakeland burning each evening which gave off such gorgeous colours. 
✷  Playing Tipping Point Christmas Day, and my sister being the best Ben Shepherd impersonator around. 
✷  Watching the Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special, and reciting the lines from it. 
✷  Watching 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' on Channel 4
✷  Matching #WearYourStripes pyjamas with Cece 
✷  Playing Cards Against Humanity, and learning the meaning of something so obscene that myself and my sister laid down as we thought we'd get rid of the cards we didn't know the meaning of! 
✷  Singing along to the music channels ... I give a super rendition of 'Wombling Merry Christmas' and any other cheesy songs. 
✷  Attempting the newspaper's Christmas crossword, and getting so close yet so far
✷  Practically living in my mermaid blanket 
✷  Festive jumpers 
✷  Bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast ... twice 
✷  Watching Mrs Browns Boys, and Eastenders (hello Max Branning!) and other shows on TV. 
✷  Getting glitter from the M&S Crackers in all of the vegetables over boxing day dinner. 
✷  Boxing day movie marathon ... X Men Apocalypse & Suicide Squad were winners
✷  Walking down to the local Pier (that really isn't a proper pier because its in an SE London borough and there was no arcades!) and laughing like loons at everything 

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