Monday, 12 December 2016

Christmas in Knightsbridge

The two best pieces of advice I've ever received about exploring London are as follows; 
  1. Go as early as possible, beat the crowds, get the views and spaces for yourself - I can vouch that walking around central London early morning on Christmas eve last year was wonderful. 
  2. Walk as much as you can - or second best, bus as much as you can. When I went to university in London, I often bussed to university from the Kent/ South East borders. That way I spotted lots of places I wanted to visit, knew different routes into and around the city. As convenient as the tube is, sometimes it is just as fast to walk between stops, and it's definitely much more fun.
These photos are the result of a 'walk as much as you can' moment - from Knightsbridge Station to London Victoria station. I hopped off the tube at Knightsbridge in search of the Christmas party bag (marabou feathers - I got the last one!) and had an hour until my train left Victoria home, so opted to walk 20 minutes, and I'm so glad I did. Walking around Knightsbridge / Chelsea .... spotting hotspots I'd seen on Made in Chelsea, the Harrods Christmas display, the Burberry x Harrods tree and the gorgeous Peggy Porschen cake shop. If you love cars, there is the biggest range of Ferrari's, Lamborghini's and Bentley's parked up on the streets. The festivities are well underway too, not only in the shop windows, but Christmas lights and during this walk, were rollerskating Santa's! 

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