Friday, 16 December 2016

PNY Rose Gold Powerpack

A couple of week's back during my annual Christmas lust list, I featured a blogger's must have - the PNY Rose Gold 2500 Powerpack*. PNY kindly sent me over a power pack to try of my own and share here over at The Wildflower. I first met PNY at the #BloggersXmas event, where they had a nifty little wheel of fortune. I won a selfie stick, and in my goody bag was a lens kit, and after trying out both, I started browsing the website, and came across the most gorgeous portable charger in the rose gold colour. After searching on Twitter, and seeing this power pack already being popular in the Blogosphere, I was so excited to receive one of my own!

First off, the design is just so lush... the rose gold shines, the pack itself is sleek, and as it says on the packet credit card size so perfect for fitting in your handbag on a night out ; the first time I tried the pack was at a party, where my handbag was miniature and it fitted perfectly, and helped keep my phone going through till the early hours!

The set up was quick and easy, with a USB charger included, you plug in, and a small light flashes a certain amount of times depending on how much charge is left. The battery itself, holds fantastically. Many times throughout this year I've used portable chargers that die after charging 10% - so far this pack has charged my iPhone 5S to a 100% and then some more. I've only had the charger a few weeks (and got some good uses out of it already!) but I'm confident the charge will keep holding, and so many other bloggers have positive reviews of the charge, both that I've read online and those I know in person! Next on my list is to buy the rose gold charger lead that matches the pack!

What are your  PNY must haves? 
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