Thursday, 8 December 2016

Ways to Earn Extra Money as A Teacher using TES Resources

I wrote a post two months ago about how much money I'd made in two months of using TES resources. After my two month stint, I wasn't overly convinced I would stick with TES long term, or with selling my resources, however, since then a lot has changed, and I thought I'd share my tips today on maximising success with TES.

1.  Upload regularly ; the more often you upload, the higher up your resources show in search bars. With this in mind, if a buyer likes your particular style, they may click on to other resources. I'm the worst with this tip to be honest, as I often bulk upload!

2. Upload resources in time for the next term ; I noticed a surge in sales at the beginning of Term 2 just after the October holiday. For topic based resources or particular text resources, teacher's may only search on TES once for any extra resources to download, and that will usually be at the beginning of a topic.

3.  Check your e-mails (including your junk box!) ; this was the game changer for me. In my junk box, was an e-mail with details of TES incentives. It started with uploading resources for a £20 Amazon voucher ...

and since then I've received another 2 incentive e-mails for £30 royalty credit for uploading 15 new premium resources. 

This has upped the amount I've earned considerably, so I'm hugely thankful I checked my junk box to get those incentives.

4. The more you sell, the more opportunities could come your way ; whilst signing up for the most recent December incentive, I noticed on the sign up form that it was offered to Bronze authors and above - so you need at least 10 resources on your author account to be in with a chance of receiving the invite to some incentives.

5. Promote your resources ; I use Buffer to schedule blog posts & tweets, so I tested promoting my shop link and resource links on there. I've noticed that on days I have a resource brought, there has been click throughs on the analytics of scheduled tweets.

The grand total so far - 
Selling on TES - £41.78
Royalty incentives - £30
Amazon voucher - £20       = £91.78 
The resources I upload, I either have made previously on my usb and it's been sitting in a hidden folder or I've made resources for my current and upcoming topics (expect lots of moon themes next term) - it literally takes me minutes to upload resources, so for nearly £100 so far, I'm definitely sticking with TES for the foreseeable future!
I'd love to know how other teachers get on with selling resources etc!

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