Tuesday, 27 December 2016

What I Received This Christmas

Two mini little things before we start ... first, I'm not sure how these posts go down, I always see a load of opinions on Twitter/social media about the pros/cons/loves/hates of these posts... personally I love reading these posts so figured I'd do a bit of sharing and gratitude with it too - so y'know, no hating on whether you think these presents are too much or shite! Secondly ... the photography is a tad appalling on these (damn winter lighting!) so apologies, but if I didn't take them when I did we never would've got here! 

And on we go...
So for Christmas this year, I was a little bit stuck on what to ask for / what I wanted. Guidance to everyone was that I wanted things I could use ... as much as I have loved previous years gifts, there is only so much space on my fireplace for Disney ornaments! I'm in the process of upgrading all of my belongings that I may have brought out of convenience first time around such as every day objects and furniture, so I asked my parents to buy me a new purse, and all I asked was that it was grey (favourite colour along with lilac) and had card slots & a zip purse. Enter the gorgeous Kate Spade purse! This was supposed to be my main (and I'm sure we agreed only present!) but as always, I ended up with a stocking full of presents! The Reese's snowman was an absolute hit (#peanutbutterforever) alongside the make up pieces and Soap & Glory perfumes. 

My sister had very good gift giving game this year ; she made me the calendar pictured, which may just be the best gift I've ever received! I love organising, so need a calendar each year, and after searching for a Jamie Redknapp calendar and having no luck, clearly my sister took it into her own hands to create a personalised calendar full of family photos, Chuck Bass, Jamie Redknapp and Turkey Twizzlers (still will never be over the fact they don't make these anymore!). She also brought me the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler which creates the best 80s perm I could ever wish for - I need to schedule an hour out of my day to style my hair like this daily! I also got the Chocolate Beauticology Set, which is perfect for my January dieting without actually eating chocolate month, and the Joules bath salts.  

My Nan got me the grey Alyssa boots from Dorothy Perkins ... I picked them up in the sale so got a great deal on them! December was about being cosy in my Grey Bailey Bow Uggs ... Spring is about a stylish grey boot upgrade!

One of my favourite gifts which has had so much use is the Slush Mug sets ... as sad as this is, I love iced drinks, and often stick a bottle of Dr Pepper or Oasis in the freezer and get it out 2 hours later to have a slushie. These cups you free the white section for about 10-12 hours, then get out, add your drink and it slushies within 10 minutes! I've already had Blue Raspberry loads of times. 

I asked for the Lolita Dragonfly glass which is so gorgeous I actually want to drink every drink from it. I also received eucalyptus bath salts (told you my addiction to eucalyptus is so real), a peacock ring holder, Gilmore Girls t shirt and lots of other little odds and ends, along with wine & money. 

We chose not to spoil Cece with gifts this year, but she ended up receiving gifts from all my family (she is one popular dog!), and my favourite gift for her has to be the Matalan Alderhey #WearYourStripes outfit! 

I also received loads of presents from my in laws family after Christmas, including money, make up, a tea pot which blooms, a cushion with photographs of Cece on it. Also, being a teacher, I ended up with far too many lovely gifts from the parents and teachers I work with, including lots of wine, Lush gift sets, a Topshop scarf, Disney slippers & bag, hand painted wine glasses, personalised bag, stationery (including a gorgeous Ted Baker pencil case!)  and loads more ... I'm planning a separate gift haul over on my teaching blog for this one! 

If my family / friends are reading (which they sometimes do!) thank you so much for my presents! I honestly felt so overwhelmed with everything I received again this year ... it doesn't ever feel like I've grown old, especially when I open my presents from the same hessian santa sack each year that has the same smell as it had twenty years ago. 

What did you receive for Christmas this year? I would love to see your presents too so leave me links in the comments / tweet me and I'll definitely check it out! 

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