Saturday, 21 January 2017

31 Thoughts I Had Whilst Watching La La Land

I rarely watch a film the entire way through without being distracted, let alone choose to go to the cinema to see a new release, but after seeing Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling on a chat show, to then the reaction to La La Land on Twitter, I knew I needed to go and see this film. I loved reading posts such as 19 Emotional Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up How You Feel About La La Land & Emma's post on La La Land... basically I feel the need to go and see the film again and I want to order the vinyl soundtrack and listen to it forever. 
I saw the film today, and after coming home, pinteresting images from the film, considering dying my hair red again and pre-ordering the DVD, I figured I'd share the thoughts! 
If you haven't seen the film ... don't read ahead if you don't want spoilers! If you have, read on  see if you had similar thoughts/feels as me (def felt like I was writing a page in a Goosebumps book then!) 

⋆ Opening credits ... they're all singing on cars. This is a musical. For many that's a yay (like me) ...  
I have never had coffee all over my blouse like that before *thank god* 
How pretty is Emma Stone?! 
Oh god how pretty is Ryan Gosling! At this point, random 'Hey Girl' thoughts start subtitling the screen in my mind! 
Mia's bedroom is insane. Why is my bedroom so plain in comparison? 
That blue dress = heart eye emoji. 
Are parties really that glamourous in America? Maybe I'll sit here and rack my brains as to whether I'll ever go to a party like that? Probably not. Oh well! 
Ryan Gosling still looks sexy dressed as 1980s tribute mess holding that keyboard. *drools at screen* 
Can Ryan Gosling actually play piano for real? 
Maybe I should play the piano again. Maybe learn more than 'Chopsticks' 
How can Mia be such a flirt? Are there actually girls out there with good banter / flirtiness knocking around? 
'Hey George Michael' ... oh goodness! 
THAT DANCE ... oh my god, is this even real life? 
I need to learn to dance like that. 
He walked her all the way to her car, and his was outside ... triple heart eye emoji. 
Why have I never been on a date to an observatory? Have I ever been inside an observatory? Must make mental note to look up the closest one. 
Mia needs to dump her boyfriend. 
How can you stand up a date with Ryan Gosling? 
No words about this moment. All the feels. 
Hold her damn hand! 
Hmmmm, I've never seen a Rebel Without a Cause. 
I really need Emma Stone / Mia's wardrobe. Her clothes are ace. 
I also want to drive a retro car. God damn. 
Yes they are now together ... and they lived happily ever after ... or not! 
John Legend is in this film ... does Chrissy Teigen cameo I wonder? (too obsessed with those two!) 
A different type of jazz ... this is weird. Is he selling out? 
Why is the theatre empty? :( 
Is it sexy/ cute that he always beeps the horn? 
Five Year's Later ... wait ... no ... no ... no 
Oh dear lord, Seb's jazz club ... it's fate. Yes ... yes ... yes. 
The End ... kill me now, I clearly will not be able to hold my life together after seeing this film. Did that ending actually just happen. 

L o v e     t h i s     f i l m . 
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