Sunday, 12 February 2017

Home Sweet Home

Comfort food, cocktails & extravagant cake... Home Sweet Home is the restaurant I recommend to anyone visiting Manchester.

When planning our trip to Manchester, Home Sweet Home kept cropping up as a place you had to eat. Situated in the Northern Quarter, the restaurant always seems to be busy from my own trip to reviews. We had a short wait luckily for our table, then sat down by the window and browsed the menu. There was so much to choose from, and I sort of wish I had week in MCR to be able to come back and sample breakfast, lunch & dinner! I went for the winner winner chicken dinner because I can't say no to buttermilk chicken and coleslaw and it was just divine. 
The main event was clearly the Birthday Cakeshake. Featuring birthday cake, buttercream, sprinkles, party rings, disco crumb & ice cream served with a lit candle it is the stuff of 90s birthday party dreams! Seeing as the trip to Manchester was for my birthday later that month, it was the perfect excuse. The cake on top was so good - I'm not a fan of traditional birthday cake - this was homemade goodness. Not ashamed to say we demolished the lot - if you get this, you definitely won't need a dessert! 
Since my visit, they now have a Vegan menu which is worth checking out & if you live in Manchester - they deliveroo Home Sweet Home which I am insanely jealous of as I'd be ordering weekly if I lived close by! 
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