Saturday, 11 March 2017

Barry Island

Oh what's occurring? Barry Island has always been on my hit list to visit for one reason and I am hoping you have realised why by now ... Gavin and Stacey! During my recent trip to Cardiff, I spotted whilst browsing good old Google Maps that Barry Island and Cardiff were quite close, and a bit of research later, realised it was only a thirty minute train ride from Cardiff central and under a fiver to get there, so it was a definite part of the travel plans! If you drive, when I was there I noticed the car park costs £1.50 - all day which is a bargain these days! When we arrive it was cold as it was February but the sun was shining, and it was such a lovely afternoon, and it is an old fashioned seaside town with everything you need to have a good day! There's a mini funfare, with lots of different rides and a wheel (which was terrifying because I'm a wimp but gave lovely views of the beach and sea), fish & chips and arcades full of old school games and 2p machines. My favourite was seeing all of the old mini rides with characters from all my old favourite TV shows such as Tots TV & my sister's 'The Tweenies'. I'm planning on going back this summer, especially after realising there's actually places to visit that were featured in Gavin & Stacey including Gwen's house! 

p.s. there is also lots of little souvenir shops along the front that sell flavoured rock, sweets, ice creams and most importantly Gavin & Stacey themed mugs, magnets, tea towels and more. (and fyi, yes I did buy the lot!) 
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