Friday, 3 March 2017

Crosstown Donuts

The other day I was wandering around London, ticking off a few to dos, searching in Soho for record stores, when I stumbled upon a certain bakery I had been itching to try for years but never seemed to stumble across ... Crosstown Donuts. I'm not sure if it's a viable excuse that I could blame blogging for weight gain/ lack of weight loss at times but this time around I think I could just about get away with it ... after reading about Crosstown Donuts years ago on a few blogs, I'd always wanted to try one of their donuts! White Chocolate and Matcha Tea which was very herbal tasting Berry Compote Peanut Butter which was a sourdough donut which literally tasted like heaven. The jam was insane. Next to try on my list is Sea Salt Caramel Banana Cream and Vanilla Glaze Cinnamon Scroll. Prices start from £3.50, or you could get a classic selection box for £14, or Premium Selection for £17 (which is completely what I should have done!). If you are in London, this is definitely one not to miss! 
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