Friday, 7 April 2017

DIY Spring Tulip Wreath

As promised from yesterday's Columbia road post, here is the wreath I made using the tulips I bought last Sunday at Columbia Road Flower Market. 
I'm not going to lie to you ... this DIY was an absolute nightmare to complete / get right / be happy with. Out of all of the wreaths I've made before from the daffodil to the eucalyptus to the wreath I made using this bouquet nothing has been as time consuming as this wreath! I did make mistakes along the way which I will detail for you later so hopefully if you attempt to make one, you can avoid my pitfalls! A mini disclaimer before I carry on with my do it yourself quick tips - with all the wreaths I've ever made, I have never looked up a 'how to' or learnt from anyone, so I pretty much get a foam wreath and have a go - there may and probably is brilliant guidance somewhere out there on Pinterest/ the world wide web, this is just my (rather shoddy!) attempt at it. 
Okay, for this DIY, tools are simple, you need tulips which I'd recommend buying at a local market, as shop bought bouquets of tulips can be expensive or cheap with few flowers in. This wreath used four bouquets of tulips (with about eight heads leftover) however the wreath size is large, and you can buy smaller foam wreaths which looking back now I would definitely opt for - bigger is not always better! I didn't use other foliage for this; I did use the largest leaves off of the tulips which covered the base of the wreath. Other tools needed are a foam wreath and scissors - I used school style scissors. 

Mistake number that I made, which you can avoid right from the word go - leaves make their way onto the wreath first. I tried sticking the flowers into the foam, then adding leaves afterwards for foliage which is how I normally make wreaths - tulip leaves are long, floppy and do not stay in place as the stem does not seem strong enough to stick into the foam or stand alone. So after sticking all the flowers in,  I took them all out again, and wrapped tulip leaves, overlapping each other around the wreath. Then I tried sticking the flowers back into the wreath again through the leaves - after trial and error I stabbed a small hole using the scissors where I wanted to place each tulip. I started by making a pattern between the cerise, purple and baby pink colour, then added clusters. In my head, I wanted the wreath covered in tulips but ran out, however a small foam wreath may have achieved this. 
I was happy with the end result - the wreath lasted around two days so would be a perfect Good Friday DIY ready for Easter Sunday dinner!  

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Columbia Road

Columbia Road, and East London in general, always tempts me into trading my countryside house life for a studio flat city life - the liveliness, hustle and bustle and bright blooms just make for a perfect Sunday. Last weekend, a friend of mine who had moved to China to teach was back in London for a few days, and so a bottomless brunch was arranged (I was a bottomless brunch virgin and seriously how have I gone this long without drinking bubbly non-stop for 2 hours and add brunch in for good measure?!) but before I went to the brunch, I took the opportunity to visit Columbia Road as I am rarely in London on a Sunday. I walked along the roads, and as always it was very busy, but the sunshine and bargain flowers made it worth it. I was after one thing - tulips, tulips and more tulips, mainly in lavender and purple colours, however I did end up getting a rainbow of purples and pinks ready for a new spring themed wreath (watch this space tomorrow!). I also picked up a rosemary plant for £2, and an orchid for £6, which I've since heard is a steal price for an orchid, just need to check how long I can keep it alive for - and it did survive bottomless brunch antics afterwards (even though it *may* have had a pint of peroni spilt over it!). There were so many blooms I could've picked up; considering the cheap price of daffodils, I was tempted to re-create my daffodil wreath from last year, although the sunflowers were starting to make an appearance at £7.50 a bunch, so I'm thinking I may wait a couple of months, and try a sunflower wreath as my next project! 

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Which Came First?

This year, Lush have a huge Easter range out, and something new I've noticed is the increase in egg shaped bath bombs - classics such as Intergalactic, Experimenter and Big Blue but also new eggs such as Chick n Mix (the bath bomb that is continually out of stock every Lush I visit!) and Which Came First? This bath bomb has two variations, spots or stripes. I opted for stripes. This has to be one of my favourite seasonal / best Easter bath product - grapefruit and lemon are the perfect combination for citrus addicted me, and that peach, blush water gave me the heart eye emoji so bad! 
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