Thursday, 6 April 2017

Columbia Road

Columbia Road, and East London in general, always tempts me into trading my countryside house life for a studio flat city life - the liveliness, hustle and bustle and bright blooms just make for a perfect Sunday. Last weekend, a friend of mine who had moved to China to teach was back in London for a few days, and so a bottomless brunch was arranged (I was a bottomless brunch virgin and seriously how have I gone this long without drinking bubbly non-stop for 2 hours and add brunch in for good measure?!) but before I went to the brunch, I took the opportunity to visit Columbia Road as I am rarely in London on a Sunday. I walked along the roads, and as always it was very busy, but the sunshine and bargain flowers made it worth it. I was after one thing - tulips, tulips and more tulips, mainly in lavender and purple colours, however I did end up getting a rainbow of purples and pinks ready for a new spring themed wreath (watch this space tomorrow!). I also picked up a rosemary plant for £2, and an orchid for £6, which I've since heard is a steal price for an orchid, just need to check how long I can keep it alive for - and it did survive bottomless brunch antics afterwards (even though it *may* have had a pint of peroni spilt over it!). There were so many blooms I could've picked up; considering the cheap price of daffodils, I was tempted to re-create my daffodil wreath from last year, although the sunflowers were starting to make an appearance at £7.50 a bunch, so I'm thinking I may wait a couple of months, and try a sunflower wreath as my next project! 
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