Saturday, 13 May 2017

From Selfie to Self Expression - Saatchi Gallery

The Saatchi Gallery for me, is smashing it when it comes to modern day art crossed with what is popular in the modern world. Over the past few years I've found myself visiting more than any other London gallery, and have an active interest in the type of art it has to offer. When art has a unique twist spun with it, that's what I'm into & any gallery with Hillary Clinton & Kim Kardashian - I'm there. 
Tap to like.
The exhibition is a cross of classic and modern art. I love the fact that it is a complete mash up of photography and paintings, and is something I've never seen before in an exhibition. 
I loved the choice of photographs and selfies used - especially that famous Oscars selfie. 
These black and white shots were so fabulous. 
Mirrors were a large theme in the installation. There was also a CCTV room installation which was so odd walking into having your every move monitored for you to see in front of you. 
The Pom Pom Mirror by Daniel Rosin was my favourite - it wiggles & moulds to your silhouette like magic! I stood and moved and moved again for quite a while! 
I would definitely recommend you visit the gallery whilst this exhibition is on - it runs until the 30th of May and is completely free! You can decide for yourself whether you love selfies as art. The photos really don't do it justice as each room is so interactive, there's only so much awe you can capture in a photograph. 
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