Thursday, 25 May 2017

PTS Sticker Haul

A mini post today, first of all showing off my love of stickers then my love of spending my wages on more school resources! I picked up these stickers from PTS, which if you've followed me for a while, you'll know I love... from personalised stamps to target boards, they have a lot of bargains to offer.

One of my biggest resolutions I am striving to achieve next school year is to make my books look neater and more uniform - one my friends' has immaculate books, and I always wish I'd be hotter on the presentation. My books have never been scrutinised for being messy however I know a book I'd like to look at. So ahead of next year, I've ordered house point stickers, which come in the colours of our four house teams, which also promote British Values being named after British people, I've Moved Up in Guided Reading stickers as a little well done to those children moving up stages in reading for their diaries and some more 'fabulous phonics' stickers ahead of the screening check in a couple of weeks.

I would love to hear from teachers for tips on how to keep books neat, so if you have any ideas, tweet or email me!
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