Monday, 31 July 2017

Postcards from Oxford

Oxford has always been high on my places I'd love to visit, and last weekend I finally got around to getting there! I hopped on the train from Marylebone, and an hour later I was in Oxford. There were so many places to walk around including The Covered Market, Botanic Gardens and university colleges. We started off finding Radcliffe's Camera, which was on Radcliffe Square and was very busy. Then we walked to the colleges and explored the gardens, including Christ Church Meadows. Oxford had so much to offer from cobblestone streets, pretty houses - cue the phrase "I get it, that shot is for #doorsofinstagram"! 

Sunday, 30 July 2017

The Covered Market , Oxford

Yesterday, I hopped on a train to Oxford to go exploring for the day. One of the places on my must - see list was The Covered Market and is was the most wonderful trip down memory lane. When I was younger, pre- supermarkets being on every corner, I used to go to a little row of shops which pretty much resembled a lot of the photos you can see above, from butcher's, quirky gifts, soft cuddly toys. What got me the most was the cake decorations, especially the mini square cakes, which I used to frequently buy with my pocket money from the local bakers! The market has so much to offer, and I'm tempted to go back at Christmas to get gifts! I also loved the Nothing, and Next to Nothing stalls!
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