Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Alice in Wonderland Afternoon Tea at the Sanderson Hotel

For a little end of term treat, I took my lovely teaching assistant as to The Sanderson Hotel earlier today for Alice in Wonderland themed afternoon tea as a way to say thank you for a fabulous year! We both love Disney, she loves afternoon tea and I'd never been for afternoon tea before so it was the perfect present. I booked the first slot for 12:30pm and with only a few other people booked in for that slot, it felt like we had the place to ourselves! The Sanderson is located on Berners Street which is just off of Oxford Street. The interior is stunning - from the bar, to the retro sofas in the Reception.The courtyard was a marble botanical dream with water features, herringbone blanket and marble tables.

First to order was drinks. We both received a cocktail as part of the offer I booked through - mine was The Sanderson cocktail which was served in a champagne glass with a sugar rim (favourite!) and had gin, peach and lychees in - it was gorgeous! We also picked our teas which were displayed in bottles to smell and were named after wonderland characters. I chose the Queen of Hearts and I liked the fact it was not overly chocolatey or flowery but had a hint of the scents in the tea. The tea also came in the most amazing tea pot!

The Menu

Smoked salmon Scotch quails egg with caviar and cream cheese 
Stack of King of Hearts ham and parmesan croque-monsieur
Cornish crab bridge roll with dill, lemon, creme fraise and avocado 
White Rabbit cucumber and cream cheese sandwich on pesto bread 

Queen of Hearts rose and strawberry Jammy Dodger 
Mocha chessboard gateau
Tweedle Dee lemon curd financier 
Mad Hatters lost carrot and fennel meringue 
Chocolate and pistachio Blue Caterpillar
Wonderland marshmallow magic mushrooms
Mad Hatters lost carrot and fennel meringue
Alice's cinnamon, apple and peach "Drink Me" potion
Sanderson's warm scones served with Cornish clotted cream and fruit preserve 

Food-wise we were spoilt for choice. We started with the savoury. I tried everything apart from the White Rabbit sandwich, and all were lovely, with the King of Hearts croque-monsieur being our favourite - because who doesn't love a posh ham and cheese toastie? We then moved onto the sweet starting with the Jammy Dodger, then the "Drink Me" potion which was bizarre to slurp through a straw! Our scones were lovely with clotted cream, and not mentioned on the menu was a mini flowerpot ice cream which was topped with cookie crumbs, and had a caramel core. We actually stopped there and took the rest of the cakes home because we were stuffed! My favourite was the Chocolate and Pistachio Blue Caterpillar!

I had such a lovely first afternoon tea and wouldn't hesitate to go back to The Sanderson - the food, drinks and service were brilliant and we had such a lovely morning!
If you fancy jumping down the rabbit hole to this tea, have a look for reservations on this website. 
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