Friday, 21 July 2017

End of Year Teacher Gifts '17

After the loveliness that was the Christmas gifts I received from the lovely parents and staff at my school late last year, summer has rolled around, somehow so quickly this year, and with it comes end of year gifts. I wanted to compile all the photographs of my goodies to look back on over the years - I love opening all the presents but what I love more is all the cards and gift tags with messages from parents and children from my class and my Netball club with the year 6s that have just left, that make me tear up. I was so lucky this year to have a fantastic staff team and parents that appreciated all the efforts put in and I feel like my parents really know me; no joke there considering I received wine ha! One of the parents said when picking my Thomas Sabo bracelet she actually described my personality to the people in the shop to help them pick something different to the one she bought my TA - and she got it spot on because that bracelet in the shades of gunmetal and shiny-ness is completely me! My TA bought me the Smirnoff Ice which I thought was fantastic as even though it's the 90s-esque drink, it will always be my favourite! The chocolate board with the writing is a gift I have always wanted -  I think I first saw a father's day version, but reading it through really made me giggle, and at the end it said 'p.s. I know I'm really loud but next year I promise I'll try and 'Wispa' which made my heart swell as I have a lot of my current class again next year, and we are known for being a noisy class! I absolutely loved all my gifts this year and definitely felt spoilt! 
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