Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Getting Festival Ready at The Painted Lady with Lipcote

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to spend the day with exploring East London with one of my blogger pals Jade ... she very kindly invited me along to an event with Lipcote to get glitter festival looks... I accepted the invitation very quickly with the promises of London, glitter, blogging chats and street art hunting prior to the event! The event was held at The Painted Lady salon which is on Redchurch Street in East London. The salon is owned by Belinda Hay, who wrote Style Me Vintage Hair which is a book I bought years ago, and loved in my vintage lovin' teen years! I might have fan girled inside a little bit when I realised she'd wrote that book! 
At the event there were lots of different treatments to help get festival ready. Myself & Jade had henna tattoos by Rosina which you can see the full beauty of in this Instagram shot. I've never had a henna tattoo before, and loved it so much, and I received so many complements from my students, parents and other teachers! I've actually been inspired to try my hand at henna, and have found a local course to learn how to do it too so watch this space! I then had my hair styled ... I pretty much asked the stylist styling my hair to do whatever she thought would look nice and she picked out two side braids with beach waves to match and now I'm obsessed with beach waves, and have been on the hunt for the perfect styler, as my straighteners won't cut that natural curled look. I then had mermaid glitter on my face to match. Jade went for glitter roots which looked insanely amazing! The Painted Lady offer these treatments as part of the Rave Maven package, but they also offer vintage hair styling, boho looks and manicures too. We received goodie bags which included Mi-Pac backpacks - I picked the Mermaid one, matching my face glitter, Jaide Ralph body glitter and Lipcote & Browcote which I've added to my current collection of Lipcote (which is tinted red due to being my go to, to cover and secure my red lippy on nights out!) - I'm looking forward to trying Browcote - one of my beauty resolutions is to get better sculpting and filling in my brows, so I know this will be a great addition to my brow kits. I had such a fabulous day a huge thank you to Belinda, Skai & everyone at The Painted Lady salon, and Jade for inviting me along! 
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