Thursday, 31 August 2017

Vintage Cocktail Club

Vintage Cocktail Club , Dublin - just off of Temple Bar, hidden amongst an array of different popular buildings, is the door with the letters VCC - easy to get lost (as I did a couple of loops of the block before realising I had the place all along) I walked up the stairs to the cosiest vintage lounge and the most extensive, detailed and exquisite cocktail menu I'd ever seen! There were plush seats, clashing patterned floors and ceilings. The toilets had the best #floorsofinstagram I'd seen in a while, and the outdoor rooftop area was pretty impressive in decor too. The menu went through different eras of cocktail from the golden ages to the tiki craze. The cocktails we opted for were: 


Jameson Irish Whiskey, Rosemary-infused Rhubarb Liqueur, fresh citrus, VCC 3 Sugar Syrup, egg whites, with a rosemary skewer


Gosling’s Dark Rum, Lamb’s Navy Rum, fresh grapefruit juice, fresh citrus & gomme syrup, with a grapefruit wedge, fresh mint, finished with a pimento mist
I'm not going to lie, I was apprehensive trying a cocktail which had egg white in it - I had images of protein shakes when in reality the Rosy & Jim had a lovely frothy top to it and the cocktail itself was gorgeous. I forget that when I create cocktails, I should just add a sprig of rosemary because I love the taste so much. The Navy Grog tasted like a whiskey sours style drink and was also delicious. The cocktails were priced at 11.95 euros each which I think is an absolute steal for such unique cocktails. If you are in Dublin ever, or just love cocktails, make this top of your list to visit. Next time I go back, I'm having a tequila mockingbird - ironically the book I was reading on this trip!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Bleecker Burger Double Up Take #2

It was only five months ago that I posted about the best burger of my life and whilst eating for the fourth time at Bleecker this month, I took some new shots as the restaurant has a bit of a new layout now - gone are the high stools and more of a restaurant layout and I'd tried the double cheeseburger, which was basically the same goodness of the single but doubled! This summer I met my Dad one day as his work is at Victoria station currently, and we went to Bleecker and he said, and I quote 'I think that's the best burger I've ever eaten'! Angry Fries are still a hit - I'm still yet to try a shake - maybe I'll do a take #3 including that one day! 

Arthur's, Dublin

I remember an old friend once saying she didn't understand why people took photographs of food - well for me (and maybe this is me just being ridiculously fat all the time!) but I love looking back on meals, remembering how hearty they may have been or delicious they taste! Our lunch meal at Arthur's is one I never want to forget - I'm pretty sure this is the best sausage and mash, bar my Mother's, that I've had in my life! Whilst in Dublin, I had a bit of a craving for sausage and mash, and I was definitely served a winner with pork & leek sausages with the most lovely gravy. The vegetable curry was nice too - and I could've easily swapped meals! I also tried an Elderflower & Lime Kopparberg for the first time, and it was amazing, and I'm on the hunt to find it back in England now! Oh and if you like Guiness, this is the first pub after the Guiness Storehouse so boasts the freshest Guiness in Dublin! The meal and drinks came to 25 euros which was an absolute steal if you ask me, and the mood of the bar, decor (think painted alcohol trees & wax candles) was lovely - I just wish I had the chance to spend longer there instead of my fleeting lunch visit! 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Dublin Street Art

That moment when you think of a suitable post based on a Stormzy street art snap - the inspiration for this very post! One perk of staying in an Air BnB is staying a short walk out of Dublin city meant I saw so much more of the city that you wouldn't normally consider walking through! The Stormzy piece was near Stoneybatter which is a part of Dublin just on the outskirts of the main city and a twenty minute walk from the main Temple Bar area which housed many quirky pubs, restaurants and artwork. There was so much artwork to see in and around Dublin. I loved the posters to - especially 'the algorithm is going to get you' - clearly a blogger was involved in the creation of those posters! I did research street art in Dublin before leaving for my trip, but the best thing I can say - just walk around as much as possible, or seconding that bus places to see more of the what the city has to offer! 

Monday, 28 August 2017

Bad Bob's Dublin

Whilst researching food to try in Dublin, Bad Bob's was a name that kept coming up - so a quick glance at the menu and seeing it served until 10pm, with a late flight in on my first night in Dublin, this was our first meal out of the holiday. The pub has everything and more to offer: cocktails, a Photo Booth, quirky furniture and furnishings, neon lights, Guinness & stella menu! The first song playing as we walked in was Mystery Jets 'Two Doors Down' - one of my personal favs, so I knew this was the right place to go! I opted for a Whisky Sour and the Dublin Schmoke Burger which had egg and bacon in it, and I realised whilst quickly finishing the burger that it didn't have cheese, so it must've been good for me to eat a burger without cheese which I'm pretty sure I haven't done since being a child! The veggie burger smelt amazing too and I was nearly tempted to swap, and I did the heart eye emoji at another's tables food as they shared one of the platters which was literally piled high with food! We actually went back to Bad Bob's on our last day in Dublin, so I got to have more cocktails, this time 2 for 10 euros Daiquiris! It is just off of the Temple Bar area, and is relatively busy but you can normally get a table - it is definitely worth a drink (or two!)
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