Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Arthur's, Dublin

I remember an old friend once saying she didn't understand why people took photographs of food - well for me (and maybe this is me just being ridiculously fat all the time!) but I love looking back on meals, remembering how hearty they may have been or delicious they taste! Our lunch meal at Arthur's is one I never want to forget - I'm pretty sure this is the best sausage and mash, bar my Mother's, that I've had in my life! Whilst in Dublin, I had a bit of a craving for sausage and mash, and I was definitely served a winner with pork & leek sausages with the most lovely gravy. The vegetable curry was nice too - and I could've easily swapped meals! I also tried an Elderflower & Lime Kopparberg for the first time, and it was amazing, and I'm on the hunt to find it back in England now! Oh and if you like Guiness, this is the first pub after the Guiness Storehouse so boasts the freshest Guiness in Dublin! The meal and drinks came to 25 euros which was an absolute steal if you ask me, and the mood of the bar, decor (think painted alcohol trees & wax candles) was lovely - I just wish I had the chance to spend longer there instead of my fleeting lunch visit! 
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