Friday, 11 August 2017

Genies Cave Aladdin Afternoon Tea at Cutter and Squidge

Considering I only went to my first afternoon tea at the Sanderson less than three weeks ago, ticking off my second afternoon tea came pretty quickly as Sanoobar found an Aladdin themed afternoon tea at Cutter & Squidge and asked if I wanted to go, and being afternoon tea, Disney & promise of a good ol' catch up, of course I said yes! The tea is held in the basement of Cutter & Squidge, and as soon as you walk down the stairs it feels like you are walking onto the set of Aladdin! I was so impressed with the decor, as it really complemented the whole theme of the tea. We chose a tea from the gold frame, Sanoobar went for Passionfruit, and I opted for my favourite Lychee which was served in a golden teapot which pretty well resembled the Genie's lamp! 

First up from the menu was A Genie's Welcome: a meringue top,which once cracked through you find pashmak which is a delicious cotton candy, with raspberry, pomegranate and mint at the bottom. This was one of our favourite dishes of the whole afternoon tea, and we kept looking heart eye emojied when others were served with their Genies Welcome! Next we tried the sandwiches: cucumber & mint, coronation chicken & cheese and tomato. I wasn't a huge fan of the sandwiches, but only because I personally don't like most of the flavours and am a very picky eater when it comes to sandwiches, even though they looked lovely! The last of the savoury was the Scone Swirls filled with roasted peppers and feta cheese & Gold Cheese Clouds : these were lush, especially the scone which surprised me how much I loved the taste! 

Onto the sweets which included: Raspberry & Rose Tart, Magic Carpet Cookies, Hidden Gem peanut butter Macaron, Ruby Dream Cake & Golden treasure biskie which was a dark cookie with a coffee chocolate in the middle with gold foil. Out of all of the sweets, we both agreed again the Magic Carpet Cookie was our favourite! To end the tea, we both chose Moroccan Mint Tea which helped cleanse the amount we had consumed! To take home, we had some gold coins as part of the treasure, which I thought was a lovely touch to a fabulous afternoon tea. 

The Genies Tea is being served at Cutter & Squidge for £29.50 per person (£34.50 with a glass of bubbly!) until the 31st January 2018 and I would definitely recommend booking to go and try it out!  

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