Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Giant's Causeway

Giant's Causeway has been on my to visit list for a long time now, and I knew when I finally visited Ireland I needed to visit. I booked the Giant's Causeway tour through the Paddywagon website, and was very excited for coach trip day - I swear I would be fantastic on that show as a professional coach day tripper! I got even more excited the week before Ireland when The One Show were at Giant's Causeway and I geeked up a little bit learning about the rocks and theories behind how and why this heritage site became to be in this world. The site itself was breath taking, and it was so much fun walking up and down the hexagonal stones. I sat on the wishing chair, and went to the edge of the causeway, and spotted wild dolphins, all thanks to a child that shouted pointing them out! The causeway is a walk down from the main entrance and there is a bus that takes you either way. There is also a huge gift shop where I could've bought all the souvenirs from shot glasses to candles in hexagonal shapes replicated the stones! 

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