Friday, 18 August 2017

Got Beef

Sometimes I wonder if I should just re-brand this blog and make it a blog where I just review burger places and cocktails because I think that's pretty high up in my priorities in life! Back when I went to Wales a few months ago, I googled must - eat places - now usually when people browse trip advisor people are looking for a variety of cuisine - I need a site that just rates burgers, and when I found Got Beef I knew this could be a contender for best burger of my life! Got Beef is a short walk out of Cardiff centre but worth every step! I opted for the PBNJ burger - a burger with bacon, cheese & peanut butter and it was so moreish and so delicious and to go with it house slaw & dirty fries. To wash it all down, they serve alcoholic ice tea (I know, could this place be any more perfect?!) Got Beef have such a wide variety of burgers I loved the look of the Heisenburger, and just to be topical, they also have specials, which at the time I went was a Trump themed burger!
I loved my visit to Got Beef, and just typing these words makes me want to go back for another burger!
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