Monday, 7 August 2017

Last Year's Teaching Goals

Last year I set myself some teaching goals to see me through my second year of teaching, and today I thought I'd do a mini reflection on those, to see what I've learnt and share what works and what doesn't. 
  1. Keep a Diary; this goal I sort of did, very lightly and wish I could have stuck to a bit more. I wrote down some memories, but next year I'm aiming on filling out my 1 Line a Day as much as I can and focus it on what good has happened in the school day! 
  2. Socialise ; I definitely achieved this one both with friends at my workplace and online - I love the little Instagram & Twitter community of teachers. I wish I could join in more twitter chats based on education - maybe that's a goal for next year! 
  3. Blog often ; I've shared more education content on this blog this year, and for my third year teaching I'd love to share more! 
  4. Do not hoard ; I definitely achieved this one! Moving from Year 1 to Year 2 meant changing classroom so I properly threw out anything I didn't need, and my house no longer has educational supplies in it and I intend to keep it that way! 
  5. Achieve a work life balance from the beginning ; hmmmmmm I'm not sure on this one - I think I tried but soon gave in to working long hours. I didn't work on the weekends though and only took books home to mark a few times, but I would stay late and arrive early so I'm not sure I completely achieved a work life balance. 
  6. Take CPD & Extra Courses ; I went on a few courses in the past year both Literacy, Numeracy & RE based. 
  7. Talk for Writing as many stories as possible ; Okay so I didn't quite get a Talk for Writing story every week but I did create more Talk for Writing maps, and I have saved them in a wrapping paper bag ready for use in other years, and to share! 
  8. Celebrate successes ; easily achieved this one! It definitely helps when people buy you presents to celebrate such successes - aka winning the Netball tournament (see above photo!) 
  9. Quit doubting myself ; this one took me a bit longer to achieve but I did achieve it towards Term 2/3! 
  10. Have fun! I had even more enjoyable moments with my class in the past year, and I'm looking forward to having them again in Year 2! 
I'm trying to think of new teaching goals for my third year, and would love to know if any of my teacher followers & readers have any of their own? 
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