Friday, 4 August 2017

Oxford Botanic Gardens

If you are visiting Oxford, this is 100% somewhere you need to pay a visit too. The Oxford Botanic Gardens, part of the Oxford universities, is a gorgeous sanctuary. Situated off of the high street and backing out onto the river, although the gardens are smaller than some other famous gardens in the UK, I would say the Oxford Botanic Gardens has the best variety of plants by far than any other gardens. These gardens are my favourite I have ever seen : huge palm trees and plants in a variety of mini glasshouses with many succulents to explore. There were numerous different fruit plants, I was especially impressed seeing pineapples growing. Herb gardens and vegetable gardens, with cute basket protection over the lettuces. Plants along the walls, in beds. Indoor and outdoor ponds and water features with the hugest water lilies I have ever seen! There was wildlife in all areas, meadows full of flowers and different varieties of popular flowers in full bloom (I'm looking at you sunflowers!) For £5.50, this is an absolute steal to go and visit and I would definitely recommend a visit! 
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