Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Pine Panda

When you was at school, did you ever take home the class bear? Personally, I never experience taking a class bear home, but I remember my younger sister being at school and getting to take it home for a weekend and how exciting it was to tell the rest of your class how wonderful your weekend was! 

When I started teacher training, a class bear was never in my mind as I was training in Key Stage 2. Roll on my NQT year being in Year 1, and the teacher next door to me had a Build a Bear Bear, called Barnaby Bear who was dressed head to toy in explorer gear! That year I bought my first Build a Bear and my class called him 'Super Teddy' - Can you guess what our Term 1 topic was that year?! 

I re-used the bear last year with my class, and we called him Holly Bear named after our class name. So this year, I'm moving to Year 2 from Year 1, with most of the same children in my class again, so I figured it was time for a change! I liked the idea of keeping the class name in as the name for the bear, so needed something to go with 'Pine'. I browed the Build a Bear website, and came across the cutest Panda Cub. For my last bear, I ordered online, but this time I wanted to go into store and build him myself, so armed with my teaching BFF, we headed to Bluewater to create him! 

In store, you can pick your bear, and when it come to stuffing the bear, you can choose the filling, add a heart, a sound if you want to and a scent. I opted for a red heart, and chose a cupcake scent. I also picked up some new clothes - I picked this Guardians of the Galaxy t shirt for £4.50 as our first topic for the new term is Superheroes - and Guardians is one of my favourite films! -  and a Pokemon onesie as lots of the children in my class love Pokemon! I also made the certificate with his name and where he was created in the store. 

Back home, I set about creating the first page of Pine Panda's diary - as well as sending a bag full of clothes both old and new and a Pawsport , I include a diary for the children to write in, but I always get myself and my teaching assistant to fill in entries throughout the year too as I find it gives it a personal touch and I've found it to be a good talking point with the children and their parents! 

Trying to get Cece to pose with the panda was an absolute mission - especially as the cupcake scent had her going crazy to steal the panda and keep him for her own! Pair that with outtakes of my sister getting in the photographs wanting to be featured in the diary! 

I'm so excited to get back to school and start the new year with my Build a Bear Panda. Do you have a class bear? I'd love to see photos on blogs / Instagram!
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