Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Dublin Street Art

That moment when you think of a suitable post based on a Stormzy street art snap - the inspiration for this very post! One perk of staying in an Air BnB is staying a short walk out of Dublin city meant I saw so much more of the city that you wouldn't normally consider walking through! The Stormzy piece was near Stoneybatter which is a part of Dublin just on the outskirts of the main city and a twenty minute walk from the main Temple Bar area which housed many quirky pubs, restaurants and artwork. There was so much artwork to see in and around Dublin. I loved the posters to - especially 'the algorithm is going to get you' - clearly a blogger was involved in the creation of those posters! I did research street art in Dublin before leaving for my trip, but the best thing I can say - just walk around as much as possible, or seconding that bus places to see more of the what the city has to offer! 
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