Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The Big Sleep Lush Jelly Bomb

It's been a while since I went on a Lush spending spree - I was on Oxford Street the other week, and a new drop of bath bombs have arrived - Jelly Bombs. The sound of jelly bombs gave me a bit of Dave Benson Phillips 'Get Your Own Back' vibes crossed with beauty! I picked up 'The Big Sleep', but they also had Marmalade in store, but no Dark Arts (which the Harry Potter fan in me was craving to try!) 
Key Ingredients include lavender oil, chamomile powder and neroli oil - I popped it in the bath, and it fizzed like a normal Lush bath bomb. The jelly was layered on the bottom and top, and didn't feel weird at all, it was quite relaxing, and made my skin super soft. The cherry on top of this whole bath was that I actually was so relaxed, I had a mid - day nap right through the afternoon which is unusual for me! I really wouldn't hesitate trying other Lush Jelly Bombs, and have even been considering trying their new Jelly Masks too. 

Buy Lush Jelly Bombs: The Big Sleep - Marmalade - Dark Arts

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