Friday, 25 August 2017

The Dark Hedges

If you spotted my post on the Fullerton Arms you may know part of my Paddywagon Tours experience included a lot of Game of Thrones referencing, and a stop off at The Dark Hedges was no different! It was so busy - a set of trees which pave the way to Kings Landing in the Game of Thrones series had buses of people queueing to go and see it, alongside dedicated tour buses with members of the public dressed as their favourite characters! The trees themselves, are getting lesser and lesser as the years go by, and as mentioned in my last post, some of the destroyed trees from storms have been made into GOT themed doors. I found it sad when our coach driver told us that these trees won't be here in our lifetime and I found that bizarre that one day they'll just be gone and there's not much anyone can do about it! It made me appreciate stopping off by the Dark Hedges more! If you are a GOT fan, it's definitely a good stop off point if you are in Ireland. 
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