Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Tonight Josephine

I love cocktails, and over the past couple of weeks, a certain pink covered place kept popping up every now and again on the Gram, and with a bit of research, I found the gem opposite Waterloo station that is Tonight Josephine. This cocktail bar is literally the most perfect bar I think I've ever been in - pink & plush glitter seats, a dance floor, shimmer strand decor, happy hour every friggin day! Mug shot toilet doors of all our fav celebs & girl gang wallpaper. Oh and neon lights galore: I actually am all about the slogan 'Well behaved women don't make history' - my mother agreed that slogan suits me well too! 
The drinks menu has so much to offer. I went for the Ziggy Stardust, described as tall, fruity & out of this world! It included Bacardi Carta Oro rum, lemon & orange juice and my favourite flavour of all lychee liqueur. Next time I'm going for a Violet Femme - although I may need some encouraging to try a cocktail with egg white in (is it really that bad?!). 
I will 100% be going back to Tonight Josephine - I'm definitely feeling this place for my birthday next year!
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