Saturday, 30 September 2017

Boots Christmas Catalogue Wishlist

If I am being completely honest, Christmas has been on my agenda for a few months (on and off of course - mainly listening to Michael Buble mid- summer is the beginning!) I spotted on the good old social media that the Boots catalogue has come out, then spent a while searching the website, looking for all the 3 for 2 gifts and compiling a list, so I figured I share my favourites today - keep the blog to date and all that! 

First up is French Connection; last year I bought a few French Connection gift sets in the sale, and then discovered, after years of overlooking French Connection, that they are not only good for slogan t - shirts, but their beauty range is damn fine too! The scent is just the best. I am just coming to the end of my body lotions and spray, so I'll be stocking up with the FCUK The Body Edit Pamper Pack which is £20 - I'll probably end up buying a few to see me through next year! I missed out on hand wash & lotion in the sales last year, but this year I'll be buying the Hand Edit which is £12.50. At £14 is the The Eye Edit ; I'm not normally one to buy new palettes, as I normally stick to my Urban Decay Naked 2, but the colours on this palette have me hooked, especially the orange tones. The FCUK The Brush Edit is another purchase I'll definitely be making as I'm running short on make up brushes. Their mens range looks pretty snazzy too, with the Mens FCUK Pyjamas and Body Duo , at £25 and Boxers and Body Duo at £16. And to top it all off, every single set above is 3 for 2!  
I love the beauty ranges Boots have to offer, and have posted on here over the years my favourites from Champneys to Joules to Ted Baker. The first new range I am super excited about is the Millie Mackintosh range that's just launched - it is so gorgeously packed and there are lots of different sets to choose from - I like the look of the Shape Up kit at £12.50. Every year I like to buy some beauty crackers for Christmas Eve, and so I am so pleased that Joules have decided to launch a Cracker Selection this year for £10. Another eye palette that has caught my eye is the NYX In Your Element Palette - the water edition. I'm a Pisces so clearly attracted to blue and water! It's £25, and not in the 3 for 2 (boo!) but you get lots of different shades in each palette (there's Earth, Fire too!) One brand I've finally caved in for is the Zoella range ; the Christmas Cookie Reed Diffuser has been on my list ever since I saw the Zoella press day all over my Instagram & Twitter feeds - I love a candle, I love Christmas Cookie, so instead of buying the candle (which I already have a Yankee Candle version of leftover!) I thought I'd get a reed diffuser!
Favourite Tipples - this is not something I'd normally buy from Boots to be honest other than the Fizz Selection  (£12.50) because hello Kir Royale - get in my life, but I felt this year they have so many good alcoholic gift sets to offer as well as a huge food range! The Baileys sets are gorge, with the Baileys Flavour Selection (£12.50) and Hot Chocolate Mug Set (£10) - I had one of those mug sets two years ago, and have no idea where the mug is so will definitely be replacing it because I'm all about mug cosies! For beer & cider lovers there is the British Ale Selection (£10), Cider Tasting Selection (£10) & Doom Bar Sea Fury Chalice Glass (£12.50) - there was also cocktail sets and gin selections this year added!

I'm ridiculously looking forward to getting my hands on the Boots catalogue (hopefully tomorrow when I go home - as Mum usually picks me and my sister up a copy each!) and even more so to actually going shopping and spending my money on presents for everyone (and me!)

Friday, 29 September 2017

Lush Halloween Haul

Post summer blues can always be addressed with autumn is coming, then winter is coming meaning Halloween and Christmas Lush collections are coming (shortly followed by Christmas sales ha!) I popped a Halloween/Christmas Lush order across after spotting the release of both seasonal products on their website, so today I thought I'd share the Halloween bath goodies I bought. First up is the Feline Bubble Bar because I've recently become a cat lady again, and this reminds me of Lola with her black fur and wide eyes! Plus I love Lush bubble bars as I always get a good use out of them. Next up, not necessarily a Halloween special, but certainly fits the theme is the Secret Arts Jelly Bomb. After using the Big Sleep Jelly Bomb and literally falling asleep after it, I knew I wanted to try another Jelly Bomb and this one was next on my list and quite hard to find in my local Kent/ London stores! Another bath bomb I've wanted to try for ages but had trouble locating was Monsters Ball - it just reminds me of a girl version of Mike from Monsters Inc! What Halloween Lush items are you loving recently? 

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Brunch at Aubaine

As part of my trip up to the capital attending the Kardashian exhibitionGabrielle Chanel Workshop on New Bond Street & Scarlett London's Bloggers Festival, Sanoobar had literally everything planned down to a t including food at Aubaine. Now Aubaine has been on my 'to eat' list since I first saw it on Made in Chelsea, and looking at their menus online - there is just so much I want to try! We arrived and was led to our table, and handed menus. As I felt very close to passing out due to back to school illness (#teacherlife!) I opted for a lemon, ginger and honey herbal tea - which I would rarely opt for but it did help soothe my throat and tasted gorgeous, alongside the breakfast cassoulet (pictured above by Sanoobar because my camera decided helpfully to die on me post tea photo but pre-rest of the day) which consisted of duck, a salami style sausage, bacon, beans, tomato and an egg - it was actually gorgeous. I love cassoulet after falling in love with a duck recipe from the Baking Brothers cookbook so this dish made me want to go home and crack out the slow cooker! Sanoobar had the soup of the day which was sweet corn, which actually had popcorn in it (either that or I was really ill and hallucinating by this point!). The dishes were lush, and if I had room, I would've gone for the cakes which they had on display and that were so gorgeous! I definitely have the brunch bug at the moment and would love to go back again for another meal! 

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Gabrielle Chanel Workshop

Chanel, to me is iconic in so many ways. From high fashion to beauty must haves there is always something so classic about Chanel. I remember years ago, seeing a Chanel tweed dress featured in Glamour magazine, and thinking how much I'd love to one day own that dress (yes I do still have the cut out too!). The iconic Rouge Noir featured in Pulp Fiction is another favourite of mine, paired with  the Mademoiselle campaign, and the Rouge Coco lip colour - my Chanel beauty collection is always ever-growing. Sanoobar invited me along to the Chanel store with her for a workshop to celebrate the launch of the new perfume Gabrielle Chanel and it was amazing! We arrived at the store and explored the lower ground of the floor, with scented stations, screens with promotional materials as well as an Instagram worthy glamorous tunnel leading to a mini cinema screening the new advert for Gabrielle Chanel. We were shortly called upstairs where we sat at the table with an eye mask, ribbon, badge and 100ml bottle of the new perfume. We were taken through the history of Chanel, their promotional campaigns and the ingredients in the new perfume - the eye masks (which were domed to prevent make up smudging!) were for identifying each ingredient in the perfume. I felt so emerged in the world of Chanel during the workshop, and there was so much information to absorb! The perfume itself smelt gorgeous and even though it is not normally my style of scent (I'm floral all the way usually!), it still smelt lovely. I'm looking forward to trying my sample out and seeing how I get on! 

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Kardashian Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery

I can't remember the exact moment I started loving the Kardashians, but what I do know is that I was hooked as soon as I'd seen my first episode, and have been team Kardashian ever since! Sanoobar messaged me mid-week during one of my busy back to school days saying she'd booked us tickets and I was honestly so over the moon to be able to go back to the Saatchi gallery after visiting and enjoying it so much, and for all the Kardashian - ness that was to come! We arrived onto a red carpet, then was guided inside. We walked up the stairs to floor one, where all things Kardashian were displayed. There were images on the walls ranging from Season One to current day. Their were white roses, oreos in glass jars and a huge timeline detailing everything from the past ten years to Michael Jackson dying to the birth of Instagram! I still remember watching the first episodes of the Kardashians and thinking how old Blackberry's seemed! There was a photo booth & a make up area where MUAs were applying nude to bold red lip colours - I went for a red (as always!) There was also a Super Fan Quiz - where lots of 'Who Said It?' style questions were asked - which we got right! The flower wall was a perfect backdrop for selfies, as was the model house from the Kardashian's - I'd so love one of the director's chairs! I had such a fab time & it was such a quirky exhibition - roll on the 14th season this October, where the big question surely is which Kardashian is pregnant?! 
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