Thursday, 14 September 2017

Dublin Zoo

On our last day in Dublin, a ten minute walk from our  Air BnB was Dublin Zoo, and considering we love animals, and I'm always one to go and look at Red Pandas, we got up bright and early, packed our bags and headed for the zoo. It was 15 euros to enter and opened at 9:30am, and was relatively empty for a summer holiday! The zoo's layout is huge and it took at least two hours to walk around, and that was with us being super quick as we wanted to cram as much into our last day as possible! There's a wide variety of animals including Tapirs, Zebras, Rhinos, Lions, Tigers - I had a new favourite animal this time around - the Giraffes. And rule of thumb is whichever animal I like the most, I get a toy (I'm such a child still!) so to add to my Red Panda & Polar Bear, I bought a Dublin Zoo Giraffe! There were cafes, a Costa, popcorn stands & ice creams throughout the zoo - we opted for a Costa Hot Chocolate to see us through as it was early in the morning! It was such a fun morning, and if visiting Dublin I'd 100% recommend the zoo for a visit if you're like me and love animals! 
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