Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Gabrielle Chanel Workshop

Chanel, to me is iconic in so many ways. From high fashion to beauty must haves there is always something so classic about Chanel. I remember years ago, seeing a Chanel tweed dress featured in Glamour magazine, and thinking how much I'd love to one day own that dress (yes I do still have the cut out too!). The iconic Rouge Noir featured in Pulp Fiction is another favourite of mine, paired with  the Mademoiselle campaign, and the Rouge Coco lip colour - my Chanel beauty collection is always ever-growing. Sanoobar invited me along to the Chanel store with her for a workshop to celebrate the launch of the new perfume Gabrielle Chanel and it was amazing! We arrived at the store and explored the lower ground of the floor, with scented stations, screens with promotional materials as well as an Instagram worthy glamorous tunnel leading to a mini cinema screening the new advert for Gabrielle Chanel. We were shortly called upstairs where we sat at the table with an eye mask, ribbon, badge and 100ml bottle of the new perfume. We were taken through the history of Chanel, their promotional campaigns and the ingredients in the new perfume - the eye masks (which were domed to prevent make up smudging!) were for identifying each ingredient in the perfume. I felt so emerged in the world of Chanel during the workshop, and there was so much information to absorb! The perfume itself smelt gorgeous and even though it is not normally my style of scent (I'm floral all the way usually!), it still smelt lovely. I'm looking forward to trying my sample out and seeing how I get on! 
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