Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Kardashian Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery

I can't remember the exact moment I started loving the Kardashians, but what I do know is that I was hooked as soon as I'd seen my first episode, and have been team Kardashian ever since! Sanoobar messaged me mid-week during one of my busy back to school days saying she'd booked us tickets and I was honestly so over the moon to be able to go back to the Saatchi gallery after visiting and enjoying it so much, and for all the Kardashian - ness that was to come! We arrived onto a red carpet, then was guided inside. We walked up the stairs to floor one, where all things Kardashian were displayed. There were images on the walls ranging from Season One to current day. Their were white roses, oreos in glass jars and a huge timeline detailing everything from the past ten years to Michael Jackson dying to the birth of Instagram! I still remember watching the first episodes of the Kardashians and thinking how old Blackberry's seemed! There was a photo booth & a make up area where MUAs were applying nude to bold red lip colours - I went for a red (as always!) There was also a Super Fan Quiz - where lots of 'Who Said It?' style questions were asked - which we got right! The flower wall was a perfect backdrop for selfies, as was the model house from the Kardashian's - I'd so love one of the director's chairs! I had such a fab time & it was such a quirky exhibition - roll on the 14th season this October, where the big question surely is which Kardashian is pregnant?! 
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