Monday, 25 September 2017

Slimming World ; The Beginning

I did a thing and joined Slimming World this week - at first I wasn't 100% sure whether Slimming World would be for me, and honestly I'm still not sure if it is or not but I am willing to give it a go! Previously, I've been using Slimfast which I love, but where I struggle with Slimfast is the snacks and dinner - during a normal working day I can have my two shakes/bars, eat fruit and drink water and be fine - but when I get home of the evening, that's where I'll end up eating a huge very unhealthy dinner, alongside a bar of chocolate (and not the small versions either!). I'd spotted a few of my friends and bloggers who have posted Instagram snaps of their Slimming World meals, losses and experiences so I'd been considering joining for a while. A group of friends I work with have been and wanted to go back to Slimming World and said it was quite easy to follow so I went along with them to see how I found it. As a group of us where joining, our joining fee was half price, then £4.95 for the weekly fee - you have to pay £4.95 each week (so no skipping a week then going back). You go, weigh in, then you are free to leave or stay for the group meeting, which they call 'Image Therapy'. I'm not 100% sure I'm set on staying for the group yet - there were some great tips and good talking points, but they did discuss your weight loss, gain or maintain (not your actual weight though) which put me off a bit because I get anxious talking in front of people I don't know, and even though I'm with a group, I'm not sure I'd like to say how my week has been, anything I've struggled with etc. I've decided instead of dwelling, I'll decide whether to stay or go on the night - and its nothing to do with if I lose or gain, I just am not the biggest fan of speaking in groups! From a first glance it seems relatively easy to follow - there are a lot of easy swaps and recipes which are completely 'free' and no syns required - I've found alternatives for hummus and coleslaw, and bought some of the Slimming World range from Iceland - the burgers were gorgeous, the sausages I'm not sold on but you can't win on everything in life! There are so many recipes on the internet and in the magazines, so planning Syn Free or Low Syn meals are becoming easier. I'm struggling with breakfast and lunch, and have on a working day ended up having my Slimfast and synning the powder (11 1/2 - I mean seriously!) and using my milk allowance within that - I guess I'll see at Monday's weigh in if I can still do that - I really really hate eating in the morning. My working day normally starts at 7am, and my first break is 10:40 so having Slimfast means I can sip on the go at work - I can't sit and eat any breakfast - even a fry up! So I'm hoping this carries on and works, and I can slowly have half a Slimfast and fill up on the free fruits more. If anyone has found a way around Slimfast & Slimming World combined let me know! So weigh day is Monday - I'm feeling right now I should've lost as I've stuck within Syns apart from one day when I had two (just two though!) drinks at the pub which just tipped me over the Syn count for that day but I think I've pulled it back from other days (does it work that way?!) and I haven't eaten a chocolate bar a night so surely, surely there must be a loss?! 
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