Sunday, 3 September 2017

Teaching Goals 17-18

As detailed in this post I achieved some of my teaching / career goals for 2017 such as celebrating successes and not hoarding resources. With it being back to school tomorrow, I wanted to write a new set of goals to see me through the year.

Teaching Goals 2017 – 18

1.      Make keeping my work / life balance a priority; I’ve prepped friends, work friends & family on this one! I love getting to work early in the morning as I am super productive, but I need to leave after school and not stay until closing time. I marked everything at school but actually I realised on the odd occasion I did take marking home, I got to mark in front of Gilmore Girls, perched on my sofa! I’ve set myself a time to leave every day, including my clubs & staff meeting times, and I’m determined to stick to it this year.

2.     Keep a diary;  in the form of my one line a day and journal.

3.     Join at least one online education twitter chat a week; I’m looking at you #PrimaryRocks

4.     Observe professionals more often; I was lucky enough to observe as part of my subject lead last year, and it made me realise how much I miss casual observing, but also visiting other schools to observe. Top of my list is to visit a secondary school teacher setting – so any secondary pals fancy a visitor for a session – shout!

5.     Educate myself and embrace CPD as much as possible; I went on a fair share of CPD courses last year, and sometimes I wasn’t as enthusiastic when it meant I missed days away from my class! Over the summer I was updating my CV and my teacher folder with certificates, and I realised that I should enjoy the education more, and know that a day away from my class only means I go back with more to give them! I’m on the lookout for good Year 2 CPD courses, and I’ve already found some evening college courses I want to book in for throughout the year.

6.     Set long term performance management goals; In the beginning, I thought just being a teacher would be the peak of my career due to a mix of being an introvert and having the long wait to just become a teacher! Over the past year, I’ve been lucky enough to have people around me that push my personal confidence boundaries and as corny as this sounds (just pass me an Oscar now and I’ll start listing my thanks right?!) believe in me when I had no belief in myself.  It made me start thinking about the future, and I have a few ideas of where I’d like to be within the next couple of years, and this year I’m making it my mission to act on these ideas and put a plan in place. Within this, I know for sure one of my future plans include wanting to start my master’s degree.

7.      Have fun, enjoy each day & don’t sweat the small stuff; last year had its fair share of ups and downs, and one mini regret was how much I worried about xyz and honestly looking back I realised every down whether big or small made me stronger, but the worry was unnecessary.

I managed to whittle down 10 targets to 7 this year, and I'm hoping to meet as many of them as possible! 

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