Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Yesterday, I went on a trip up to London to visit a few things, one of those being the #TopshopTopmanxStrangerThings at Topshop Oxford Circus.  I had seen on Topshop's Instagram the launch and promo surrounding it, and really wanted to go up and see the recreated set myself. Spread across all the floors of the store, there are settings from The Arcade, Hawkins High and the Byers Living Room with the alphabet & lights. The 'Where's Barb' posters and locker shrine were my favourite - got to love those glasses she rocks! There were lots of competitions in store, screenings of Stranger Things 2 & freebies from badges to stickers to key rings, as well as the collection to buy in Topshop & Topman. Today is the last day of the collaboration being in store, and it is definitely worth a visit!

Monday, 30 October 2017

Slimming World Diary #1

Six weeks ago, I decided to go along to Slimming World for the first time. My reasons for joining were quite simple - I was overweight and miserable, and I think I'd finally realised that for once, I wasn't going to achieve losing the weight on my own and needed a bit of help. Luckily for the anxious person that is me, I have a group of friends I go to group with from work, who make it more fun and less scary walking through the door each week! Since joining I've had 5 weigh ins and have lost each week; my first week I lost 6.5 pounds, then 2.5 pounds, 3 pounds, 3 pounds and this week was 2 pounds totalling 1 stone and 3 pounds in 5 weeks. I have combined Slimming World with attending dance classes again, the first few weeks I started with Clubbersize, but the past 2 weeks I have got myself a membership at Frame and have been back at my Barre and Dance Cardio classes. 
Pictured above: Sausage & Mash meal out, the piece of cake that I over-synned because it tasted so good, heart shaped plate full of strawberries as part of my treat selection one evening, tea hi-fi & meal planning using the new Comforts Slimming World cookbook, omelette, spaghetti & egg throw together meal, Mum's chicken myers, cheat meal saveloy and chips, M&S beef brisket, burger & chips, my non scale victory fitting in black jeans I haven't worn in 7-8 years and a synned beans on toast (rip white bread as a staple for me!) 
I decided to start tracking my progress here on the blog as well as Instagram, because atm I'm loving reading Slimming World blogs and Instagram is my inspiration for meals and treat plates right now, so I've had so many ideas on things to post and share, so I figured I'd just share it! I'm not going to post a diary update every week, probably more monthly but I'll have some other slimming content in between, I will update on Instagram though! 

Next week, my goal is to hit my Club 10 award - I have 2.5 pounds to go to reach it and am really hoping I'll get it with a bit of work. I have lots of low syn treats in the fridge alongside classes booked throughout the week, so fingers crossed! If you have any Slimming World recommendations or questions tweet me.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Bicester Village at Christmas

Each year myself, my mother & sister have a festive day out - you may have spotted posts of those shopping trips to London before, and have included the London Eye & Planet Hollywood meals. This year, we opted for something a little different and took ourselves to Bicester Village for a day of shopping bargains and designer luxury. I'd never been to Bicester before, but my sister & mother had gone the year before so had told me all about the bargains and literally got me so excited. The night before I genuinely couldn't sleep, which had me laughing at myself because really am I 5 years old again? We hopped on an early train to London Marylebone, re-fuelled with a Starbucks - I had a Frappucino because y'know the cold weather is not stopping me getting my cold frozen coffee! 

Our train pulled into Bicester Village at around 9.30am. We headed straight to Pandora, where there was already a queue, however the rest of the village was empty! I bought a gem stone ring for £18 plus 10% extra off - Pandora I was a bit disappointed with because they didn't have lots of sizes of things, so the choice was very limited although the discount was quite high. 

Next we headed to Swarovski. I ended up spending a bit too much in Swarovski but in my defence, the discount was huge and I decided I wouldn't find pieces like that again! I bought two stardusts bracelets for £20 each, which was discounted down from £59. I also bought a crystal star ring, and diamond garnet gemstone stacking ring for £29 each both retailed at £99 each! One of silver and one is rose gold, but right now I love both equally so wear both! Swarovski also had lots of gorgeous ornaments and lots of Beauty and the Beast themed rose collection jewellery which was stunning. 

After hitting the jewellery stores, we then just walked around the whole of the village at our own pace. Jack Wills had brilliant bargains, with jumpers at £40 down from £60, bras at £11.50 & t-shirts at £15 down from £25 and there was an extra 20% off everything in store. 

It was Bicester's privilege weekend, so all boutiques had an extra 10% off everything that wasn't more than 50% discounted (although some stores still gave you 10%!). Last year the privilege weekend was 20% off, so many stores, like Jack Wills, Kate Spade and Ugg offered 20% discount instead of the 10%. 

Cowshed had their Christmas crackers from last year that I loved so we picked some up at £6 each down from £10. Cath Kidston had fantastic savings, and had the Christmas ranges in store as well as the 101 Dalmation collection - the Dalmation dress I bought when it launched had £20 off! Ted Baker had a lot of last years collection which I loved including the Lucilee dress in store with big savings. The Ugg shop had big savings on all boots and slippers, and I ended up treating myself to some black Uggs for this winter. 

For ceramics, The White Company, Emma Bridgewater and Le Creuset had discounts across all of their ranges. 

Kate Spade had so so so many gorgeous bags, clothes and purses - I feel like I could've spent my entire wages in one shop! There was also all of the new shops that have just launched in Bicester including Charlotte Tilbury. 

And to top the whole experience off, there were autumnal wreaths, reindeer in puffer jackets, Christmas trees and even a sleigh decorating the whole of the village. 

I had such a fantastic day at Bicester and I'll definitely be visiting again next year! 

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Secret Arts Jelly Bomb

After a huge success with The Big Sleep Jelly Bomb, next on my list was the Secret Arts Jelly Bomb - very Harry Potter - esque and gunmetal colour so two bonus points there. With orange and cinnamon there were perfect autumn scents in there for the beginning of October. I found this time round, the bath bomb didn't have the jelly effect as much as The Big Sleep, but the water was still glittery and the bath was still tres-relaxing! The cleaning products did have to be whipped out after this one though! I'm wondering if Lush are going to release a Christmas jelly bomb - hint hint! 

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Lush Monsters Ball

Monster's Ball - a Lush Halloween exclusive bath bomb that makes for marble bubbles and a glittery parma violet water beneath. I've been itching to try this bath bomb for ages and I finally caved and put an order in on Lush's website after being unable to find it in store! With lime & neroli oil, the bath was very citrusy - it was so relaxing too (especially with my Chelsea Candle Co candle - which has just spurred a new thought - when are Lush making candles for us all to binge buy?!) As soon as I'd finished the bath, I'd wished I'd bought another ten of this bath bomb - definitely one of the best ones I've ever used! 
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