Monday, 30 October 2017

Slimming World Diary #1

Six weeks ago, I decided to go along to Slimming World for the first time. My reasons for joining were quite simple - I was overweight and miserable, and I think I'd finally realised that for once, I wasn't going to achieve losing the weight on my own and needed a bit of help. Luckily for the anxious person that is me, I have a group of friends I go to group with from work, who make it more fun and less scary walking through the door each week! Since joining I've had 5 weigh ins and have lost each week; my first week I lost 6.5 pounds, then 2.5 pounds, 3 pounds, 3 pounds and this week was 2 pounds totalling 1 stone and 3 pounds in 5 weeks. I have combined Slimming World with attending dance classes again, the first few weeks I started with Clubbersize, but the past 2 weeks I have got myself a membership at Frame and have been back at my Barre and Dance Cardio classes. 
Pictured above: Sausage & Mash meal out, the piece of cake that I over-synned because it tasted so good, heart shaped plate full of strawberries as part of my treat selection one evening, tea hi-fi & meal planning using the new Comforts Slimming World cookbook, omelette, spaghetti & egg throw together meal, Mum's chicken myers, cheat meal saveloy and chips, M&S beef brisket, burger & chips, my non scale victory fitting in black jeans I haven't worn in 7-8 years and a synned beans on toast (rip white bread as a staple for me!) 
I decided to start tracking my progress here on the blog as well as Instagram, because atm I'm loving reading Slimming World blogs and Instagram is my inspiration for meals and treat plates right now, so I've had so many ideas on things to post and share, so I figured I'd just share it! I'm not going to post a diary update every week, probably more monthly but I'll have some other slimming content in between, I will update on Instagram though! 

Next week, my goal is to hit my Club 10 award - I have 2.5 pounds to go to reach it and am really hoping I'll get it with a bit of work. I have lots of low syn treats in the fridge alongside classes booked throughout the week, so fingers crossed! If you have any Slimming World recommendations or questions tweet me.
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