Wednesday, 1 November 2017

A Crafty Christmas; Pine, Eucalyptus & Mistletoe Wreath

I am that person who is listening to the Michael Buble Christmas album on the hottest day of the year, and one of my most recent Facebook posts was that I'd done most of my Christmas shopping, and even started wrapping it up! Well, I haven't limited my Christmas organisation to presents; I was very excited when Provident asked me if I'd be interested being a part of their 'A Crafty Christmas' campaign, so whilst summer lovers were topping up their tans, I was glued to Pinterest looking at festive inspiration and wreath designs! I needed to create a Christmas Wreath on a purse friendly budget. 

You will need: 
  • A wreath - I prefer using foam wreaths for a super easy DIY! If you want to be challenging you could use floristry wire. I opted for a large wreath for door decor and for a table decor a small wreath. The small wreath I bought had a backing to it, which was perfect for the candle. 
  • Foliage & flowers - I opted for faux flowers this time because I think long term they are money saving geniuses, they last forever and do not need watering! I used pine branches, eucalyptus, mistletoe and lavender roses. You can use any flowers and foliage, I would recommend for a festive inspired wreath, lots of green with stand out flowers. Poinsettias are popular, as are cinnamon sticks, holly and orange slices. 
  • Scissors - I used normal scissors for this craft.
  • Sellotape  
You could use ribbon if you want to add extra sass or canned glitter/snow for a real wintery effect. For my wreaths I wanted them to look forest fresh so left these off. 

I re-used an old wreath for the large wreath, but the smaller one cost me £5.99 from a garden centre - you can get these cheaper if you shop around though. The foliage and flowers came to £36 altogether which makes the cost for two made wreaths £41.99. 

I started with the largest branches of pine first - I tried sticking them into the foam but being such a large branch it meant mistakes had to be minimal to stop all the foam falling off. In the end, I stuck the branches around the edge of the wreath on the plastic then secured with sellotape, bending the branches to cover the sellotape and the wreath. I went for a layer of pine branches around the edge and then moved onto the eucalyptus. The branches had about six pairs of leaves on each stem, so I cut this in half or into thirds, making sure the cut left a stem long enough to poke into the foam. This was the most time consuming part as it took ages cutting little bits of eucalyptus however once completed and stuck in, I was so glad I included this into the wreath as eucalyptus is my favourite and definitely gave me the hygge vibes! Next a few sprigs of mistletoe evenly distributed around the wreath, followed by the roses - these faux roses were on wire stems so were very easy to finish the wreath. 
And that is it! 

I would say it is a lot easier working with faux flowers to living flowers as you can bend the materials and you do not need to worry about flowers losing their vibrancy or being under/over watered! 

The savings made on each wreath I find is huge compared to shop bought wreaths - for fresh flowers the standard starting prices were £30 onwards each, and for high street stores, I found one that is the same size with similar materials for £39.50 - considering it cost £41.99 for two wreaths making them £21 each I find is a real saving, especially on a crafted piece which will last forever! 

Another way to save more money making the wreath is to use home grown materials, or see if friends and family have off cuts of materials - most of the materials shown I have actually growing in my garden (forever wishing the Christmas tree would grow a few more inches!) and last year I made a wreath entirely out of holly after the name of my class, from one of the holly bushes on the playground!  That way the wreath could cost you as little as a fiver! 

I had so much fun planning and creating this wreath, so a huge thank you to Provident for setting me this challenge! Take a look at their website where other bloggers have created do it yourselves perfect for the festive season ! 

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